Please design team, stick to antiquity style

Yeah, it really is the question, even though you’re trying to avoid it.

Conan is a living game, one in which changes and additions were always intended to happen. Even before the game was published FunCom said they were going to add content over time. So when FC wanted to add content to the game they looked at the source material and said, “Hey, that’s a good choice, if we’re going to add stuff let’s add stuff that can be found in the source material,” and that’s why the source material matters.

They didn’t add Marvel characters, they didn’t add Daffy Duck, they didn’t add Orcs, they added stuff that has existed in the source material for many, many years. The source material for the game matters, and Zingarans are from the source material.

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While agreeing with much of your post, this one must digress on a point.

There is another fundamental alteration. It is not just that the Mythology was “real” but also renaming Apep to Set and setting that light devouring serpent monster as the near Henotheistic object of veneration. The Lord of the Northern Storm strove against the devourer of the Sun, and competed for prominence within the Netjer. Renaming Apep as Set/Sutekh is major dovetail and further establishing this Apep called Set as the dominant god is an extreme reinvention of the culture.
It would be like saying that Medieval Europeans worshipped, as a general rule, Kushiel, but that Kushiel was actually Satan.

Especially in a society where the Priesthood had so much power through the various Kingdoms, this alteration drives us extremely far into the softly inspired by/sharing aesthetics with category, as opposed to copy/pasta.


It’s fine. Neither did conquistadors.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in other threads, the popular culture depiction of “conquistadors” was popularized by 17th century artists who depicted their 16th century heroes wearing stuff that was common in the 17th century. It’s like modern day artists painting WW2 soldiers wearing modern kevlar vests and carrying M16s.

In the 1520s to 1540s when the actual conquests happened, most conquistadors wore layered cotton or woollen jackets and caps for protection, and only ~10 % of them were armed with muskets, and an equal number armed with crossbows. Most carried a sword (rapier or one of its close relatives), a round shield (rodelo, which is why this type of soldier was called rodelero) and/or a spear. Another ~10 % were mounted knights in full armor.
This data comes from what I consider a primary source, namely Bernal Díaz del Castillo, who was one of the original conquistadors.

The morion helmet existed in early 16th century but became common only in the latter half of the century, so even though some hipster conquistadors may have worn a morion, it was not common or standard equipment, and I cannot recall any actual contemporary mentions or depictions of that type of helmet in either Spanish or native Mexican art.


Has anybody even bothered to look up the history of empires, architectures and cultures that actually existed 12,000 years ago? (About the end of the last Glacial Maximum).
You must consider that 12,000 years ago was a very long time before the middle ages.
They did exist, but not quite the way it was interpreted by Howard.
(No disrespect intended).
Still, I give Howard the credit he deserves for his creativity.

yah, in the real world prehistory, you got sticks and stones in most places around the world.
historical anachronism is the whole point of howard’s world tho. he wanted to write historical fiction without worrying about historical accuracy.
the hyborian age is fiction, it’s not what actually happened 10k+ years ago, it’s a romanticized fiction depiction of an antediluvian world. we now know there was no great flood, Noah and Ziusudra/Utnapishtim are mythological figures that reflect ancient people’s ideas about their past.
howard didn’t make his fictional pre-history using the modern scientific method, he made it using bits and pieces of history, ideas from romantic early 20th century musings about atlantis and lemuria, and a general desire to write stories on his own terms.

first thing howard says in his Hyborian Age essay is:

“Nothing in this article is to be considered as an attempt to advance any theory in opposition to accepted history. It is simply a fictional background for a series of fiction-stories.”

couple that with some of the existing letters that he sent to others in his writing circle about his desires to write historical fiction without worrying about historical accuracy, you get a picture of where his head was at, and why historical anachronism is a feature of the lore, not a bug.


That time period is typically considered pre-history since there isn’t much recorded about that time. Its why REH uses that as the latest era to place one of his time periods in. He had a belief, or at least used the theory of civilization having rises and falls over time. The Hyborian age is a civilization rising from a previous catastrophe.

There was many rises before, some even had technology and such that rivaled the modern day (1930s). Only to regress back and start over again. Some of these technologies would have been familiar to us in a modern sense, others would be alien in nature. Either because it was introduced by aliens (like the Serpent Ring of Set) or because it used technologies using different scientific disciplines. But much of that looks like magical artefacts and the like. Not only just to us, but especially to those living in the Thurian or Hyborian ages.

Agreed, that’s a fair point.

So @Bathory, in case this helps I’d like to make an adjustment to my previous comments. It’s true that REH should get credit for doing more than merely copy/pasting. I’m not familiar with Tomb Kings or the Necrons, so maybe REH did more editing & changing of the Egypt-source-material while creating his final product than the other two examples, maybe they are more lazy than REH was. I don’t know enough about those two examples to debate that point either way, so for all I know I exaggerated that point.

What I will stick with is the basic idea of the process.

  1. Copy/paste Egypt into a new document.
  2. Begin editing the copied document, altering & adding details to create a new piece of historical fan fiction.
  3. Edit until the new author is satisfied with the changes.
  4. Profit.

That metaphorical process was the same for REH as it was for Tomb Kings and Necrons, they’re all historical fanfic, but your accusation of laziness might still be valid, depending on how much the Tomb Kings and Necrons depart from the source material.

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Translation: He knows he’s wrong.


We should not forget that the whole thing started from a mans fantasy who took clearly historic influences, throw it in a bowl with a sick talented mind, fixed a turlu with excellent taste, people loved it and others got inspired from this and continue his work.
So there no history here, just fantasy! I was not impressed from the writers.
I was impressed by Arnold and his muscles, not Conan.
I loved the game and everything that has to do with the lore from the people and devs. So i trust their opinion and devs work.
The art design team of this game has made exceptional work even on stone gear, so i trust we’ll have something stunning again!

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