Faraoe themed DLC

First post in the creative corner

Some purchasable DLC in the theme of Ancient Egypt?

For both
Perhaps mount equipment.

Im.not to sure if it fits within the lore

Ofc it doesnt have to be a copy pasta of our egypt but just with some of the similarities.


Sure that’s Stygian DLC, in which we still hope and waiting 3 years…
Stygia = Ancient Egypt

BTW - Faraoe = Faroe Islands
Pharaoh (Pharaonic) is better world :slight_smile:


Then this thread will have my support :grin::+1:

At first I thought this was going to be suggesting faroe as in the faroe islands themed dlc (so, I guess some kind of celtic and therefore Cimmerian/Bossonian/Gunderman theme). Stygian would be nice, though. Not necessarily for the armor as there’s already several sets in the game, but the building style would be nice - especially with those new column types that were added with the Argossean dlc.


Personally I would be fan of both :grin::grin::grin:

The misspelling of the thread title is of epic quality. Really made me curious: What would a Færøerne DLC bring us? Viking helmets? Cimmerian-style housing set? Sheep? Boats? Expanded fish farms?

But no, it’s just another Stygia DLC thread.

There is a pyramid in faraoe island too lmao :joy::joy::joy: lets make this even more intresting now :joy::joy::joy:

Another… Because people really want it…

I do hope for one as well - especially that we have (in the admin console) the Siptah Stygian Invader armor set model. Make 2 more, add some useful stats on them (like Str, Vit), some decend “premium sand brick//stone” color, and count the $$$ comming. :stuck_out_tongue:

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A Stygian DLC would be cool, but given how much Stygian stuff is already in the base game already (two sets of armor, weapons, a bunch of placeables) I’d personally kind of rather some other culture that hasn’t been represented yet gets a shot first.


Yeah. Adding the Stygian invader recipe would be cool; it seems to have been somehow forgotten (or hard to find?). But there’s lots of Stygian themed buildings, NPCs, weapons, armor and even lore.

Curiously, some cultures are present via DLC, but not ingame, e. g. Thuran, Kithai, Hyrkanian. There are, for example, no Thuranian themed surges/purges afaik. But be cool (AND a way to show off their cool designs so as to sell the DLC hint, hint).

But what other culture should be next?

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Solid suggestions, more DLCs in general would be awesome😂

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Stygian looks very much like this

We already have armours and clothing simuliar:

But I’m always open for new armours, would love to see it a bit more embellished on what we have now something like this for example:

But please nothing like the latest armous we got hahaha so ugly, no offence to the designers I know it was because of the theme. Enough of the full cover armours though, I want to see barbarian blood.

For the buildings we can combine a lot for this style right now (Aquilonian, Turanrian), but it would be great to have painted walls and a more focused style:



Great pictures!

Maybe… “Old Stygian”? The material used for Stygian ruins on Siptah could be reused or developed further. The “old” could also explain armor that is more flamboyant than current Stygian culture.


II absolutely love these pictures u shared :slight_smile: It was exactly what I was hoping for when I created this post :slight_smile:

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I took some time & gathered a few of some also alternative ideas. Maybe they are from another game or just pure art freestyle I know nothing of thism, but overrall I dont wish any of my pictures to be final but somthing that could be considered as inspiration :slight_smile:


Yeah, same as inspiration purpose xD

Thanks for some rl lore :grin:

By any means I hope u r here to support the thread & its idea :grin::+1:

And yes, I would love to work at or with funcom

Maya from Killer Instinct somehow made it in there… hah. I suppose her outfit is pretty outlandish for Amazonian Jungle warriors, huh?

I would also like to see a Mayan/Incan/Aztec themed outfits, equipment, and buildings in the game… although I don’t know if there is a Conan Universe equivalent to this.

It would be really cool to have alternate stone swords like the Aztecs used, for instance…

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