Question about new Pyramid building set

Would it be possible to also add statue of Anubis, the one with the pointy ears, in black and gold, looks like a dog resting on its stomach.

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I dont see it happening, since Anubis is not part of the Hyborean age universe. What we could have, is large snake or Set statues… Like the giant snake head statue inside Warmakers sanctuary.

For Egyptian gods, Im afraid you will have to wait for mods.

I am not asking for gods etc…, but the art would be great with the pyramid build set.

There are some cool looking treasure items that, while not EXACTLY what you are looking for, could act as a good alternative nonetheless.

For example: you can get a gold bejewelled Derketo cat statue that would work well imo (I found one in the pirate camp in the east , where the boss is, near heliograph heights, I think the POI name is ‘Captain’s quarters’)

Of course you’ll have to lug it all the way home, but I think it would work.

I assume you’re referring to this… it’s a pic of Tutankhamen’s Anubis from his tomb. Yeah, I took it earlier this year. :sunglasses:


I would be happy with animal head helms. Also Isis statues would be good to counter Set and stay Stygian


Statues similar to this would be cool too…


We maybe able to do that with the armor stands in PvE environments

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Hey can we get that set early? I’m really wanting to switch to Stygian but we are in 33% RNG it is released when chapter 2 is.

Anyone remember the Egyptian animal helmets from StarGate? Would love to see somthing like that added


cool set - finally t3 gonna fit the desert biomes but…
pinch of salt as always, why not full set? i really miss old dlcs with full building set + decoration…
No gates? no wedge foundations and celling? wth??? no windows? and roof parts, no stairs? hmmm…

Because not even an average funcom fan will be willing to wave $60 all at once on a complete building set. Thus the wise decision was made to split the set in 4 different subsets, $20 each, and sell them separately.

Have you looked at the “Aspect of” helms from the Vaults on Siptah?
A couple have a slightly similar aesthetic.

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Yea I’ve seen those aspect helms but i want more of a closed of face type helm more like the big set priest mask but more intimidating.

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“A Serpent guard, a Horus guard and a Setesh guard meet on a neutral planet. It is a tense moment. The Serpent guard’s eyes glow. The Horus guard’s beak glistens. The Setesh guard’s nose drips.”

Let’s not forget here that Stygia is inspired by ancient Egypt, it’s not Egypt. Not everything from ancient Egypt’s culture or especially religion is directly applicable to Stygia.


That is why I would like to see helms similar to the Goa’uld helms from Stargate but in line with the Stigian lore.

Maybe some form of ancient helm that are made for the serpent men but for humans.

Anubis must be cannon it is in some of the furniture for example, stygion bench.

Yeah I would really appreciate if the devs forcefully made it so that chapter 2 starts with pyramid set in the bazaar. Its annoying if I have to wait several weeks for it.

Yeah that :slight_smile: would love a statue like that in game and around the house.

Well I guess Im slightly wrong - Acheronian illusionist garb has a headpiece that is made to look like anubis head… Colorful anubis but still. Its technically a jackal/hyena head I guess. Or a fox?

Anyway there is a slight precedent for dog-heads.