Question about new Pyramid building set

Technically… a hyena isn’t a canine. :face_with_monocle:

Could use the Siptah statues from the vaults

Animal heads and other body parts used as headwear doesn’t necessarily relate to divine worship. I don’t think Meriwether Lewis worshipped a raccoon deity despite wearing a coonskin cap. (Curiously, despite the iconic image, there’s no hard evidence that Davy Crockett ever wore a coonskin cap.)

Similarly, animals have been used in art for thousands of years without religious symbology, so if there are cat or dog statues among Stygian decoration, that doesn’t prove they worshipped any god, Egyptian or otherwise, who was represented by that animal.

Having more deco and statues would be cool but I would like to see some more life for my thralls to so Do ya think we will get some new Stigian dance emots in the next chapter. Lol

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