Direct request to devs

Funcom, please can we roll the stygian pyramid set back into the bazaar soon, myself and many others missed the opportunity to purchase and the current item rollover is terribly slow. I’m asking to spend money, please take it lol


Nice. I actually really love the set. That is versatile as some others. But when you combine it with others, it’s pretty darn good. If you want to make straight pyramids, that’s good too. My favorite combination right now is Aesir and Nemedian. They work really well together. For pyramids. A good combination is pyramid and Aquilonian. Or maybe it’s just me.

Agreed, these are beautiful styles to combine, I’ve enjoyed the latest tavern items and gave bulky up wire a with them, but my true favorites are the stygian styles. I’ve got a ton of fun ideas to run with it, but they’ve got to bring the set back around. Hopefully it pops up on the next reset; hopefully too the bazaar system gets changed soon, it’s far too slow and far too few items are available at a time. I don’t want to wait months for stuff to roll back when I have coins to spend now. they probably lose out on money when people aren’t interested in the items present and instead have to wait.

Welp, instead of awesome piece sets I can actually use, we got pirate pants and a cat… bizarre and unwelcome