Ideas for new DLCs

ok, if we dont get more lands to explore its abit sad, this is such a vaste universe they can create nearly endless content.

Wouldnt it be very limiting only to play on the maps already created?

But that brings me to one question:
What would we use to create a new map? Which editor? Is there any?
I am certain someone would like to create new maps!
The diversity is what we might enjoy. Once playing on map 1, then on map 2.
There is so much love in the current map, swungle got really beautiful!

However, why wont you let other players go nuts?
I for myself have problems paying attention to details, so my maps would seem a lil blocky or rough. But there are players out there, who love to create new stuff, and are really creative when doing so!

Well I was thinking more like Funcom providing us with an expansion like the ones we get in MMOs. New content = more lands to explore.

I like your idea for using regular bones for armor. Given that they do armors in sets of three, light, medium, and heavy, it would make sense to do the following for bone armor:

Regular Bones - Light
Dragon Bones - Heavy

I don’t have a clue on what they could used for the medium bone armor, unless they go for making medium armor using a combination of regular skulls, tusks, and horns.

Some ideas here I do like to be honest but for me the aquilonian DLC was about the best one.

Personally I will hold back on DLC, yes I bought both of the existing ones, and I am not sure (at least if they continue with skins) they can bring one that tops the last one for me.

Not being against DLC I am somewhat sceptic about how it may influence the further outlook of the game.
It is quite obvious for me that we will not see further building stuff, armors and weapons for free, except maybe with some features they already promised, but they will continue to distribute that in DLC:

Is this bad? Everyone has to decide for themselves, if they would not consider/implement armor customisation because of it then it would be bad for me.

With the current system some will buy DLC just to maintain their build in both temperature-zones, yes I am guilty of that too.

Should they start DLC’ing regions or other stuff this would be fatal since it would segment the player-base as Battlefield did for instance.

In general, opening this topic, I was hoping to hear from someone from the developers something about their plans :thinking::smirk:
If we are talking about our wishes, for example, I would like to get another “Middle East” set (Shem in the first place, possibly with Zamora and Hirkania together). In the game there are many NPCs of these tribes, and the desert itself, with which the Earth of the Exiles begin, is most associated with the lands of the Shemites.
In addition, we have a lot of Stygian decor and furniture, there are clothes and armor, but there is no Stygian architecture …
And yes - of course I would like to get a set of “Lemurian” jungle architecture (especially since there is already a custom mod with this architecture :wink:).

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I rather they focus On pets,Sorcery and settlements first.

This wasn’t an either or, thread, party pooper. New DLC and new features aren’t mutually exclusive as Funcom has said over and over. But you knew that already because you’re all over the forum.

Mate I am confused so I ask :slight_smile:

Is your post directed at me or the guy you comment?
It is a answer to my post so I would like to avoid a misunderstanding, cheers.

The guy I quoted. I replied to you on accident :slight_smile:

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