DLC elevators and stuff

The DLC’s are missing quite a bit of building stuff. For instance and foremost, no elevator that fits theire style. I like to build nice homes and palaces, but doing that without the right looking elevator? It just looks wrong. And another thing, the Argos DLC implemented a very cool and good looking thing: Vaulted ceiling. Lets be kind to all the other builds and let them have that too. I’d love to build a sandstone castle with vaulted celings.

Hopefully you all thought this was a good idea. And if not? Perhaps a modmaker will. :slight_smile:


Maybe just some decent neutral-looking elevators for T2 & T3? And cupboards! We’ve got all types of luxury furniture with silk, velvet, gold, marble, and fine wood carving in all the DLCs - but we still have to use those terrible half-broken cupboards. It’s a real shame!


Been wanting nicer looking elevators and drawbridges that are suitable for T3 construction since I started playing. The ones we have now look so rickety they’re just completely out of place in any structure that would befit their use.


Would love vaulted ceilings for sandstone and stonebrick builds. I like to build temple-like structures that look like they’ve been there for a long time, especially in the desert area and vaulted ceilings would be a beautiful addition to that.

For this, I’d love to see walls of same texture all around. I know people have asked for interior walls, but I’d also love to see walls without the wooden panels too.

I agree with you on the elevators too. Along with the drawbridges, siege cauldrons, workstations, etc. they look out of place on DLC builds.

Estaría muy bien que pudieras elegir que tipo de mesa crear, únicamente hay modificaciones para las mesas de artesano

Lo de las construcciones totalmente de acuerdo, tengo un servidor offline para hacer construcciónes y hay veces que no hago lo que me gustaria

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