Please make pillars thicker (looks like we skipped leg day)

Currently, the pillars look funny holding up the floors. they look too thin. As if someone skipped leg day

I would like to request either the pillars get thicker or add columns, which would really just be pillars but with a different skin. their diameter should be about 1/2 - 2/3s the width of a normal square tile, but still able to stay within a triangle tile

if i use wall segments and encase the pillar, it becomes too thick. i’m looking for something in between, preferably with a choice of round or some other shapes

thanks and keep up the great work!


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Welcome to the community. Now I get to be the bearer of bad news.

Very, very, very unlikely there are going to change the x,y diameter of current Pillars after this long. Doing so would 100% cause catastrophic issues to existing buildings and placeables.

The new Argos DLC may have Pillars that might peak your interest. Potentially other future DLC’s could see other variations of Pillars. But existing Pillars changing their mesh and collisions? Ya, sorry.

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i understand changing existing pillars may cause issues but offering a new type of pillar, a column, would be fine as it does not exist yet. yes, it could be done by DLC but such basic things should be in the core dnload

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