[Building] Aquilonian and Khitan architecture - pillars should be round and ramps - 22.5deg

Please admit how ugly those pillars look like /facepalm

There is how pillars really look like:

Please change / add new rounded pillars:

  • Main rounded pillar base/top (can be rotated vertically)
  • rounded pillar without capital (top/bottom side) to be put between main pillar piece to increase the height of pillar in game (so you wouldn’t have base/capital in the middle of your column like it is currently on the image previewing next DLC)

Optionally: pillar base part could also have different architectural design like Doric, Ionic, etc.

Ramps with 45 / 2 = 22.5deg (Well, 26.565 if to be more specific)

And also admit that temple from future DLC preview has also ugly roof with current 45 deg system.

  • Ramp taking 2 foundation blocks instead of 1, hence 1x2x1 not 1x1x1.

However, for MORE flexibility I would just add 1x1x0.5 foundations/walls instead and keep 22.5deg ramps 1x1x0.5 as well.


thought this dlc came out in august at earliest?

while i would love to see rounded pillars it is something i can live without. I would p refer to see different changes first. But i do really understand your point

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I prefer game changes as well, however, we’ve seen how much time it takes Funcom to solve even small issues and their interest and priority in making building system even more diverse and flexible. Adding new models to the game is not hard after all.

I like the idea of a more roman/greek dlc but I have to agree with the OP that the column look ugly and blocky. They should be rounded with cornices provided at the top and bottom. At the moment I am not all that fussed about the appearance of the new roman /greek building style

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I was thinking the exact same with the columns… Aquilonians are supposed to be the Greek equivalent, and I had imagined that the columns would be cylindrical, like their real counterparts had.

The ramps being 22.5 degrees is something i had been wanting for awhile. At least a wall that came down that way to match with fences, so that you don’t have to have as many hard edges and squares.

I really like the looks of the marble doorways, windows and foundations from the preview. I will have a blast building with it. :smiley:

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