Aquilonian vaulted ceilings and arches

What it says on the tin: could we please, please, pleeeeease have whitish vaulted ceilings that go well with Aquilonian builds?

Yamatai, Khitan and frontier architecture use mostly wood and their real-world counterparts don’t really incorporate vaulted ceilings anyway. The arena pieces already blend decently with Turanian architecture, if used sparingly and placed properly.

Not only does combining arena pieces with Aquilonian pieces result in an eyesore, the Aquilonian architecture is the prime candidate for arches and vaulted ceilings.

Ideally, I’d love to see a DLC that brings vaulted ceilings and arches to both Aquilonian and Turanian architectures, but I’d settle for a new cultural DLC (Poitanian?) that has vaulted ceilings and arches that blend well enough with Aquilonian.


The way I accomplish vaulted ceilings in Aquilonian is by using the Aquilonian stairs as a roof. It works for the style, but would love to see something dedicated.

Oh, there are various ways to simulate arches and slopes. For example, if I wanna make an arched gateway, I use a combination of normal walls (or fence foundations), sloped roofs (or ramps or stairs), and sloping half-walls, like in these screenshots.

Problem is, it used to look acceptable before the Blood and Sands DLC. Now that we have real arches in the game, it only serves to underscore the glaring absence of them in the architecture that deserves them the most :wink:


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