Jewels of the West DLC, square columns are uggly and shoud be round (cylinders) lorewise


Columns are the most symbolic architectural piece for Aquilonians (based on Roman/Greek). They need more love from designers !


Round columns/pillars are more aesthetically pleasing :grinning:


Wtf the columns are rectangular? C’mon guys how much easier can it be than to make rounded grecoroman columns?


I agree with that ! I prefer round columns, it’s more realistic.


I would also like to see rounded columns available to craft. If not able to be implemented with aquilonian dlc, I’d certainly like to see this at some point in the future.


Please fix this before it’s even released, lets not be creative with our Greco-Roman columns!


A simple +1 for better aesthetics from me.


See Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns for a better look! I get wanting to make columns modular, but this is an instance where they should be about three blocks in height anyway. I doubt it’ll get changed though :-/


This is a good suggestion. The round, fluted columns are iconic. I assumed that’s what would be in the DLC.



However, my old one was closed automatically, anyways, we can continue here.

Best solution I see is just adding another pillar for all sets so we would have BOTH square and rounded.