What's your favorite post-launch content addition?

Voted for Building Optimizations. It’s not the sexiest choice, and it’s easy to kinda forget it’s there, but for someone who loves building (and there’s a lot of us who do!) it really makes a difference.


My vote would definitely have to go for the incoming mounts addition and any additional armor set that’s added to the game. I especially love the Aquilonian armor.

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I almost forgot, here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about:


Oh don’t even get me started on that!!! It’s plain obvious to see that whoever designed Aquilonian architecture got heavily inspired by Rome’s Pantheon. I mean, look at the ceiling! Look at the floor! Even the windows!!! It’s identical!!!

But no chance of us ever replicating that dome, or even just have vaulted portico.
Also I would love to know why, oh why with all the different examples of columns in that building did the developers decided to go for the square one??

You had all of theses and more that you could possibly go for and instead you decide to go for the boring one, because it’s easier to just copy from what you have and change the texture… :weary: Aquilonian should have been the first rounded column, not Frontier…


Someone once suggested an IKEA like DLC with extra bits of for all other DLC pieces like vaulted ceilings for Turan and Aquilonian, rounded columns, different door ways, etc. I would also add decorative classical arches and Ogee arches and doorframes. I would pay good money for a DLC like that!! :+1:


I’m with Shadoza…
Almost entirely.

What new content I would love to see?
As a single player offline I’d love to have Evolving npc camps:
each time you go to a camp for a raid and you already know where they are, what they have… they simply are unable to progress.
The do not add new tents, they do not get new (de)fences or walls, they simply keep doing nothing and wait for somebody (you) to arrive and kill or kidnap.

I’d love to see some progression in that…maybe based on your level, each time you hit a level (maybe every 10 levels?) they improve their bases.
Somehow the single player campaign dies when you are halfway to your maximum perk.
At level 30 you can basically wipeout every enemy’s camp (and I do with stone weapons).
That’s why people, in the endgame becomes minecrafter instead of survivors: environment/A.I. is a no match in anyway so you have to “do something” to keep gaming alive.


Yep! Howard’s source material, the kingdom of Aquilonia covers part of the territory of the fallen empire of Acheron, which corresponds to the Roman Empire in real world. That’s why Aquilonian architecture in Conan Exiles is basically Greco-Roman architecture. The kingdom of Aquilonia itself is more medieval, which is why the Poitainian content in the upcoming DLC has a medieval look – Poitain being one of the provinces of Aquilonia.

No, but maybe we can keep asking? Perhaps – shameless plug – give my suggestion some love? :wink:

Indeed. But all is not lost – Turanian pillars work fairly well in Aquilonian builds:


  1. the follower system (not the leveling system, just the basic thing of having a follower). Can’t remember if it was already there at official release but this mechnaic changed the whole gameplay of PVE for the BETTER !

  2. the changes done to the unnamed city. this place is finally worth farming and exploring more than once.

  3. all the NEW DUNGEONS. I have a preference for the warmaker as i had the most epic fight ever against this arena champion boss. + the loot here is good. Only a few items are useless for pve but that’s not a problem, we understand there must be items for PVP too :smiley:
    With this dungeon we finally got some TRUE and fun traps (not like the ones we had in the black keep during EA :wink: )

So congrats and THANKS to the team for all these changes !


My votes went to: Building Optimization, because when the game is optimized it feels even better and gives more fun as the game is played, eliminating those pesky problems when the game is unoptimized

New Equipment: Primarily armor sets because fashion, next to my 3rd vote it’s one of the most important things for RP

And finally New Religion: It unlocks plenthora of options for RP, brings in new interesting mechanics and story/lore to the game that I like a lot! I hope more of that will come in 2020 because obviously I am primarily a RPer in Conan


I voted for new armors and weapons and recipes, with dungeons coming in second. I like exploring the dungeons, but I like playing dress-up and decorating my dreamhouses more.

I voted OTHER; Debaucheries of Derketo DLC.

I would love to see more RP placeables similar to IMMERSIVE RP mod.


Or wait, do you mean the Riders of Hyboria? :thinking:

:cupid: :gift_heart: :sparkling_heart: :heartpulse: :heartbeat:
I did. :kissing_heart: Should I add some of my sugestions in my post to back it up as well?

Thou shall not change my mind that a white marble ionic, corinthian or roman composite column would look 100 times better and be more accurate!! :pleading_face:


Yeah. Sorry if I inadvertently made it sound like they had another DLC in the pipeline. I mean, they might, but I have no idea :smiley:


Oh, I assure you, it’s not my intention to change your mind. I want those too. :drooling_face:

I was just pointing out what we can do with the tools we have right now. If I have to choose between a square Aquilonian pillar or a round Turanian pillar, I’ll almost always go with the latter. Frontier pillar is also round, but sticks out like a sore thumb in an Aquilonian build. :confused:


I want a tiny DLC Red Sonja armor, but that gives me 1200 protection. :kiss:

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I voted for dungeons, revamps and new equip.
These are my favorites, the new lvl system is also cool.

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I voted for new equipment and combat revamps, with my third vote going to “Other”:

I absolutely love how you guys have been adding new animations throughout the game’s life; jumping, rolling, stationery fidgeting and stretching, all of it makes the game feel more immersive and alive :slight_smile: wanted to give major love to that. Hoping one day to see different animations and ways of holding different tools for gathering mats!


Where’s the vote all button?? :slight_smile:

Aside from the occasional bug, performance, or tweak needed after some of these, overall they’ve really been wonderful improvements to the game.

If I had to pick just one out of all of them, Unnamed City update with the new npc’s, power fragments, and recipes. That update I think really stands tall. There’s a lot of replayability to it. I’m always finding reasons to go back down there for stuff, and when I do, I don’t view it as a chore.

If I were to give a second choice, I really like the population/capital city updates that were done. I’m gonna spare being winded in this one and just say that I enjoy going through these places so much more than I did during Early Access or as they were just after launch. Way better now than what was past.

And since you said choose three, I’m going to lump in together as a third choice additional content. Both free and paid DLC, this just keeps adding flavor to the game that was missing at launch. Love it.

Everything has been amazing, but it’s not so much an addition but a necessity, and I’m glad it made it into the game - Better VoIP. The clarity and quality of the voip is fairly competitive with other games of Conan Exile’s genre now, and rarely Vivox outages or a mod causes issues and people will lose voip, in the past, you’d have to punch or kick someone to fix it. It was the most awkward thing, lots of black eyes were given just to carry on a conversation.

I hope more improvements like that are coming in the future along with all of the amazing new content that’s been coming out.

Sometimes, I just like to clown around. I’ll build a big corral, then run around an area with lots of monsters then run through an NPC camp and end up with a bunch of NPCs and monsters chasing me, lead them into the corral and close it off, then watch them all fight each other, lol

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Combat re-balancing, follower leveling, and mounts are detriments at this point. Wish it were different.

I’m laughing pretty hard in seeing young wild horses moving (turning to be precise) with a so innatural movement: they simply stay rigid on their back legs and turn… like carousel horses.
But I’m enjoying the slowed roll and movement, makes the game a lil’ less frantic and more focused on what you’re doing.

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