To mount or not to mount, that is the question...of the week!

Greetings Exiles, and welcome to this new year of 2020!

We’re back again after a short break with a new question of the week! It’s been roughly a month since we released mounts as part of our December content patch and you’ve had time to horse around the Exiled lands and give it a ride.

After this period of introduction to the new feature, we’re interested in knowing about your experiences with this new system. Have you been using them to overcome the insurmountable challenges of traversing the harsh environment, or just to strut along and say hay to your neighbors?

Saddle up and let us know in the (three!) brand new questions of the week!

Do you use mounts often? (single choice!)

  • I am one with the horse and the horse is with me (all the time!).
  • I use them for a certain a-mount of time, depending of the situation.
  • Neigh, I barely use mounts.

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What’s your favorite use of mounts? (up to two choices!)

  • Traversing the lands
  • Engaging in mounted combat
  • Horsin’ around and looking all cool
  • I use them as props for my base/clan
  • RP/Server events (jousting, for instance)

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What’s your favorite saddle currently ingame? (up to two choices!)

  • Savage Cavalry Saddle
  • Warhorse Saddle Light
  • Warhorse Saddle Medium
  • Warhorse Saddle Heavy
  • (DLC) Khitai Scout Saddle
  • (DLC) Noble Scout Saddle
  • (DLC) Poitain Warhorse Saddle
  • (DLC) Silent Legion Warhorse Saddle
  • (DLC) Turan Cavalry Saddle
  • (DLC) Yamatai Cavalry Saddle

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As usual, you joust can see the voting results of each poll once you’ve submitted your choices.

Voting is just part of the journey, so please ride along to the comments to tell us mare about your experience!

We’d also love to see any screenshots you might’ve taken of your most trusty steed, once your choices are submitted and stable!

And again, have a fantastic new year 2020 from all of us at Funcom!


Hi there, problem is that you need a bearer for farming and little fighting. Or a fighter for heavy fighting. So I never use mount.

We need mount + 1 follower, and the possibility to drag a thrall with a rope :slight_smile:


Just add some more slots to horse inventory and allow for dragging a thrall behind, and i will never use a thrall again. Except for dungeons, i have been humiliated by arena champion one time to many.


I play with mods so I can’t engage in mounted combat. So I use my horsey to carry fish from traps to my base some way from the water. And look cool as I go along of course :wink:

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Let me mount giant spiders and ask me again!


@Ignasi The poll is missing one of my favorite saddles, the Aquilonian Scout Saddle.

As for horses, I do enjoy them and use them often. For any difficult content, of course I swap to a fighter thrall. But for general farming, traveling and such, I prefer to bring them.

I would like to see being able to drag a thrall behind with them, would be cool. As for having a mount + thrall. I wouldn’t mind seeing that, but feel you’d have to remove all combat capabilities from the horse. Make it just a mode of transportation, and nothing else if you were able to also have a thrall.


Ah, shame!
Apologies for the miss.




I mostly use mine to dress up my base, even though I know this will cost me when the follower limit begins enforcement.

Over the weekend, I thought to try using them to speed up clean-up duty along noob river (i.e. checking decay times, demolishing derelict sandstone), but in all honesty, it felt like this process was considerably more difficult and time-consuming than when I do so on foot:

  • The horse takes forever to turn when at a standstill. This makes frequent directional changes onerous.
  • I can neither press TAB to view building info, nor press E to open gates/activate maprooms while mounted. This means lots of dis/remounting.
  • The dismount takes too long. This makes using them cumbersome when frequent stops are called for.
  • The mouselook speed that works on-foot is far too slow when riding. Having to make exaggerated movements with my mouse arm, or having to repeatedly pick-up the mouse just to look around is a whole new way to aggravate my RSI issues.

As @Berserker wrote: Your mount should be a damn MOUNT and not count as your follower/companion.

It should ALONE (so no rider on top) not engage ANY battle, but run away from danger.
.) Then add an emote which can call/summon your horse, if its within a certain range.
.) Final thing to add: Either put knocked out NPCs at the horse or you can drag them with the rope behind you.

Thats how mounts should be in the first place (and how most games handle mounts). Its a mount, NOT a follower and shouldnt count as such.


I have limited PvP experience with horses but I hear they’re great. My running and leveling XP on private servers is extensive, and I really enjoy the mounts. Some observations and one tip:

  • It’s always easier to move a horse forward and turn than it is to turn a horse on a dime. Funcom has preserved reality here.
  • I am finding a rather inconsistent hitbox on the Poitan Heavy Lance.
  • The recycling of certain keys is a necessity, but not ideal. Example: In PvP, it is often a problem to not drop your weapons, so hitting C to dismount is less than ideal.
  • If you have a spare mouse button, use it for the S key. Drifting is so much easier this way. I have sensitivity buttons near my scroll wheel – I dedicated one of them to the S key.

ETA: edits due to premature save


And because of all of your points, I want to see someone kill a worldboss or clear a faction capital while on a horse…

The one time I ran to Sepermeru with my horse, was a nightmare (for me). It kinda reminded me the first time I was in a city with a horse in RDR2 (I got killed on the go, as I pushed down too many people).

And then I even encountered a T4 dancer… So I had to run back to the obo. By myself, while my horse followed me.

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As mentioned here and elsewhere, the opportunity cost for using a mount (losing a pet or a bodyguard) is too high.

Additionally the mount itself is confused about if it is a combatant or non-combatant, and it stands too close to avoid friendly fire and avoid aggressive monsters.

The way a mount should be used is so unclear I don’t even have a good sense for what benefit their stats or saddles give. Effectively horses don’t benefit from the advancement system because there’s no clear role for them and no distinctive indicator of how the stats help that role as they all start the same; you’d have to level a bunch at random, compare them, and then use that impression to level a bunch more the right way?

It might be better if it were in addition to a follower, but at present to play Conan Exiles with a mount, it seems like one needs to avoid playing most of Conan Exiles.


I use my mount all the time, to gather cubs or pups for the animal pen.
a second horse is at my base, if I respawn and need it to get back to my gear quickly.

But It does need to be separate from the thrall system, avoid combat and be callable via whistle or something.

I would add dragging thralls, but I saw the livestream so I know that is on the funcom wish list.


I can’t say that I use my horse often, but I still take her out some times. I find it enjoyable to ride in the exile lands and i am more inclined to do so if what i want to do is simply moving out. When i went on my obelisks trip, i used my horse. Feats trip, with my horse too. Going at a friend’s place, I use my horse, but it doesn’t go further. Like everything, the right tool must be used for the right task, and the usefulness of the horse isn’t really present for a lot of tasks that you need to do in this harsh world. Mind you, I really like my horse, but in my opinion, some tweaks must be done to our trusty mounts ! Also, i chose the noble saddle (and so aquilonian) because those will greatly improve the way you move around with your horse, and you don’t want to use them for fighting right now, so the others are not really effectives. Happy new year Funcom ! I’m eagerly waiting to see what you’ll come up with for this 2020 !



  • Neigh, barely use them (Very sad fact, but still fact)
  • Horsin’ around looking AWESOME! Some propage around the castle
  • SILENT LEGION!!! and Savage Cavalry (It has bones and stuff C’mon! :metal: )

I was so excited to get the mounts in game not because I thought CE needed mounts but just how cool it would be and the potential they brought for further systems and coolness in game. Which made the realization of mounts being the Non-optimal choice in most recurring game situations all the more painful :cold_sweat:

To further the cool factor I would suggest dyable saddles. But there needs to be some system changes like opening gates and dragging knocked out thralls at the very least. I just find it very sad that Funcom worked so hard to implement this feature and very few people actually use it.

I still stand by my argument that mounts need to be summonable (with a whistle) and not be followers. Being placid and not being able to agro or agro other things in game. Hell if thralls are too difficult to implement, make only animal pets able to follow us when mounted and revise their stats to compete with thralls please.

I really hope you guys get the needed info on this pole to see what needs tweaking, there are quite a couple of things IMHO. I soooooooooo want mount to be viable for more than just props or looking awesome.

:metal: :smiling_imp:


I use it for taking the scenic route to places, hearing the sounds of hooves and whatnot.
That, and combat against some enemies are incredibly fun while mounted.
Personally absolutely love to skid around Thunderfoot while stabbing him with a spear. Was able to solo him at lvl 30 with an iron spear, soon as I got a horse… Bloody glorious, I say XD


@Ignasi thank you for the polling.

I rarely ever use the horse. It is not easy to maneuver. It actually gives me a headache the way the controls/movement is handled. I have to have the FOV wide or I get motion sickness that lasts for a couple days. I would wonder how folk who experience seizures with light strobing is affected. But I digress.

It is too difficult to aim as an archer. Cannot always get the targeting to lineup, sometimes there is no lateral movement, and then it will move, but I still have to stand still to take a shot. I don’t use Q/P for auto lock, preferring to use my own abilities. I’ve never been told there was a better/alternative way to go about it.

At a canter/gallop (Yes, I rode in RL) the camera doesn’t follow the mouse which would at least be easier to get through areas, and getting hung up on trees requires dismount. Not always at a beneficial moment. Turning is also difficult. Perhaps watch cutting horses and how they move.

Anywho, thank you for your work with the community and I hope this is of some value. Thanks


This is a good poll, hope you guys realize that mounts, as fun as they are now, are almost useless compared to other options for traveling, adventuring, raiding, etc.


I was initially VERY anti-horse, and while I still find them completely useless in any given PVE situation during gameplay, I do see the slight situational benefit that they can occasionally provide in PvP combat.

I think that’s the nicest thing I’ve said about Glue (my horse) to date.