Certain building pieces self-destruct after server restart

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America
Mods?: Yes (Pippi and Unlock Plus)
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

When the server restarts, certain wall, window, and doorframes self-destruct.

Using pillars attached to the underside of the Northern Aqueduct, I built a two-story Stormglass base. On the upper level of my base, certain wall, window, and doorways all crumble after a server restart, leaving blank openings. I replace the pieces and they stay until the next server restart. This happened before and I managed to avoid it by moving pillars, even though all sections of my base had ample support.

Expected Behavior:

I expect nothing to happen and to have base in the same condition it was before a server restart.

Installed Mods:

Unlock Plus

Steps to Reproduce:

No specific steps. It appears to be a problem with how the server first applies support throughout structures after a restart. If necessary, you can download the GAME.DB from this OneDrive link:

The base is on the underside of the center of the Northern Aqueduct at map position G9. It is the only structure hanging from the understide. The upper level of the base is what’s affected. This GAME.DB file was made after I replaced the missing pieces and brought down the server. Upon loading it and starting up a server, you should see the upper level of the structure missing wall, window, and doorframe pieces.

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