Certain wall pieces self-destruct after server restart

Game Mode: Online Private
Type of Issue: Bug
Server Type: PVE
Region: America

I created a structure that hangs from the underside of the Aquaduct in the North using the Stormglass building set. I extended pillars down from the underside of the aquaduct and created a rectangular, two-story structure with a roof. At four points in the upper level, two on each side, any wall, frame, or doorframe piece placed across from a pillar breaks apart after a server restart. Stability is fine, the ceiling/floor tile has strong support, the wall above that spot has strong support, and I can even extend the floor out further. This happens with other styles of building materials too.

I use only the Pippi and Unlock Plus mods, neither of which modify
The GAME.DB file in use is a multiplayer one and is stored in a shared OneDrive folder in this location: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnZ3NYG3g8W4qp5_qs2D-lbeGsScyg?e=7PlFYm

To reproduce what’s happening:

  1. Load the GAME.DB file
  2. Go to the center of the Northern Aquaduct
  3. Look at the upper level of the suspended Stormglass structure. One side has two wall panels missing directly across from pillars (I tweaked the layout of the opposite side).
  4. Add door frames or wall sections
  5. Restart server
  6. Log in and see that those pieces disappear again.

I understand this is a troublesome issue and it was recommended I share our GAME.DB file so that it can be examined. Thank you.


@Ignasi this is a continuation from this thread:

@bobcarn was kind enough to provide his database. Bobcarn, are there any wedge pieces at all around the problematic area or are they all squares.


Hey @bobcarn

Thank you for the report and database. We’ve sent it to our team and we’ll try to replicate it on our end to see what’s causing this.

Hey @bobcarn

The database provided seems to be corrupted. Could you reupload it?
Thank you in advance.

I had to delete the original DB and upload a new one, so the old link is not active anymore. Here is a link to a copy of the DB that was made this morning.


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