Walls & other critical structural pieces destroyed on server restart

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [NA]

Every day at server restart my structure that is suspended and hanging via pillars (T3 reinfored stone) set in the roof of a terrain object manages to destroy 9 T3 (khitan) walls at present count.
The stability of the walls being destroyed are 40, 60, 80, and 100. None of the 20 stability walls are being destroyed.
I do not know the reason this is happening, but if I had to guess it has something to do with the order the game processes stability.
The walls were able to be placed originally without any tricks or exploits, and can be replaced without issue. The walls will stay through the whole day and function properly. At server restart i now have holes in my base that can be exploited by any would-be raiders.

This is happening on PvP official servers. However it has also happened in solo play as well.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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