Desapearing walls/thralls

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: Bug
Region: [Desert]

Yesterday I logged in the server and minutes later there was a restart. When I came back again into the server, there were some walls missing on my base and a level 3 bearer has desapeared too. It is not the first time that pieces of the same wall desapears. Formely I thought someone tried to raid my base but yesterday I was sure that the walls were there before the server restart.
It’s bad because it is a PVP server and I can lose all my ingame work because of a bug.

Sorry for bad english, tried my best.

This occurs for me as well my friend. While this shouldn’t be a building stability issue I have been able to keep some of my walls and ceilings from disappearing by placing additional supports around the troublesome area. Sometimes placing decorations around the outside area (that you dont mind losing) has helepd as well. My guess has to do with how the game loads in your pieces when you or other people walk into the area, but Im not a programmer, so i dont know. I do hope they can fix this though, because it is really obnoxious to lose a wall with 80% stability or better, no reson for this.

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Thank you for the tip. I’ll try this later. :slightly_smiling_face:

This happens to to my clan every day. We have a 3 floor structure that we built high up and the second and 3rd floors take turns loosing walls. It’s always a random number of wall panels that are lost and in random places. We have had full corners lost, honeycomb patterns in the walls, an entire floor to ceiling section in the middle of a long wall lost, etc… this most commonly happens after a server restart/refresh. This appears to affect anything that isn’t 100 for stability.

We will even see some structures shift one square because of this glitch. The other day we lost a Map Room because of this glitch.

Honestly something needs to be done about this as it’s stressful to see our base get these large openings on a PVP server, which could lead to someone freely raiding our base. Right now the sections affected are made of Sandstone, but one day we want to convert that to black ice. If this bug continues to plague the game, replacing these walls will not only be steep, but costly as well.

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