Missing walls after today's server reset

Game mode: PVP O. Server 3785
Problem: Black-ice walls disappearing after today’s (19Feb20) server reset.
Region: US

Was updating my base and after the daily server reset, some of the black ice walls I built earlier (~30 minutes prior to the reset) disappears. One Wall-mounted weapon rack disappeared with it and one is floating in mid-air. My character can move through the space suggesting it is gone but not rebuilding it since hoping it will all come back next restart (I had some legendary weapons on display and bummed I lost three of them. Not willing to give up hope yet).

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log in
2.review build
3.Make note of missing secitons

Well they haven’t came back and I see two other posts of players loosing their entire base. I feel lucky with only loosing a few wall pieces and some named weapons.

The Same thing happened to us - but we lost everything. After the walls dissapeared someone came and took everything. Lucky for him I guess.

Hello @erjoh, are there any relevant messages in your Event Log?

Would you be able to share a screenshot of them should that be the case?

Yep and it happened today as well. See the two screenshots and the timestamps. Today’s were only two pieces but they were both pieces that lost stability on the 19th. This seems to be a timing issue of registering the building pieces as the server comes on line…perhaps remove the stability loss factor for the first 5-10 minutes after server reset and then activate it?

Thank you, we’ll be sure to relay this information to the team.

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Just FYI. It happened again but this time only one wall piece. I would post the event log but I was correcting a dumb building decision and it’s lost the logging of the corrections.

and same piece again today.

Just to give an update. There was wall one piece in this that I just kept loosing so I did a windowed wall piece in that one and it has been stable since. There is another thread that has another issue that may be linked to this (the 0 Stability bug) .

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Hugo, Quick and weird update. I just logged in and my trebuchet base and pillars that were around for longer than a day lost stability as well, midday no less with no server restart to trigger it. Whatever is going on (data corruption etc), it is getting worse.

Thank you for the additional information, are you able to confirm if the disappearing pieces are connected to a building network with any 0 stability pieces?

The only physical connection to the zero stability building section that I am having problems with would be a vertical elevator. (It’s two different levels of a ruin). The pillars were connected to 100 foundation pieces while the siege base was on 60-80 ceiling pieces. Also I should point out that I have multiple building sites throughout the server and it’s only affecting this one area near the city (southern D5 on the ruins, where it’s popular to build)

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