Missing building pieces(walls ,floors) everytime after reset

Game mode: [online]
Problem: [bug]
Region: [EU]

I have a issue for several days after patch 1.16
Everytime when server resets i missing building pieces like walls floors and also pillar at same spot every time. I make it again and poof they dissapear again with reset. It is solid its just a few pieces but it makes me crazy every time i must place it again. And every reset its like a ugly suprise because sometimes it takes left side and sometimes the right side. Its not always the same walls but it is close to . I tried everyting i use more pillars , i destroyed and placed it again. But it never work only temporary . Sometimes it works for 2 days and then again after reset poof gone. Goodbye tier 3 pieces now my house is ugly i dont want a ugly house it takes my fun away :frowning:

Pls fix it quick i want to upgrade my other building but im afraid it will do the same.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I have experienced some building pieces disappearing (Mostly trebutchet and wooden foundations connected to the ground) but also had some disappear daily just as you have mentioned that in fact disappeared due to them being unstable. The supporting walls were only at 20 and even though they held they eventually disappeared after a day.
I think some of it is due to the games structural support system. I rebuilt some areas to be 40 or higher supported and it fixed this issue for a good chunk of my base.

So maybe check that as it could be a reason. Though there is still an issue with some building parts disappearing.

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i began a new game 3 days ago SOLO. and again today everything gone. nothing saved. tis ius not fun anymore. tis game is dead to me


I checked the stability was 75 and others 100 . And today i lost another piece at other place and that was stability 60. Now i got a ugly hole somewhere else. If i replace it again it probably go vanish again. My tier 3 building is downgrading to tier ugly holes :imp:

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damn that really is annoying then. I can say I haven’t seen any more of mine decay in the last few days but it definitely did happen with the wood foundations so I might place more and see if it happens again.
With so many ways for your base to be demolished in this game the last thing you want is to have parts randomly disappear.

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