MORE missing building pieces around elevators. What is going on here

Game mode: Online- PVE- server 3534- Savage Menace
Problem: Multiple items disappearing from base
Region: NA East

Hey Funcom, vacation is over. Fix your game. Things were going so well now I login today and can’t even begin to tell ypu how many items are missing. Trebuchets, elevators, foundation pieces, fence pieces, torches the list goes on. Would someone from your team please care to explain what is happening to my base and presumably others’ bases as well. Thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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There are many posts by others including me who have had the same problem as you, items and structures seem to have gotten a habit of disappearing, especially after bluescreen crashes. Players have also often been losing ownership status of them (in which case you can’t interact with it any more).

The recent patch seems to have reduced the instances (I stopped having problems for the moment) but evidently not for everyone. It says in the PS4 issues list the problem is known and being looked into, and I can’t find an instance of it being fixed in the PC/testlive patch notes (they’re generally ahead of the console version). There isn’t really a player-side solution (reinstalling, deleting save, recreating character etc. do not help or work only temporarily) and it’ll probably be a while before the next patch.

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Last patch destroyed my entire bridge. All my bases are completely intact and I play a PVE (indestuctible structures??) Yet my massive and very time consuming bridge that had many parts and stations in it… just disappeared!! One of my Thralls was floating in the air and somehow I was able to grab and place them and had them follow me to a base… but the other Thralls were gone. I took a PS4 on vacation just to log in so this would not happen… WTF.

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I play offline but noticed missing bits to some of my bases as well. Also noticed that certain building pieces no longer snap into place, for example, fence foundation is now useless for me. Every patch/update something is gone, hidden or broken.