[BUG] Chests & Random building sections dissapearing

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Misc
Region: EU

Recently I’ve had the issue where I log in to the game and during the loading process, I see parts of my base explode as if broken. Once the loading has finished the building is usually fine, though I’ve now lost a chest with all it’s contents. A staircase has disappeared, some rough sections have vanished as well, and a few support beams, as well as several fish traps from the nearby river. This is all on a PVE-C server.
This does not seem to be part of the general experience or the decay mechanic.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in to PVE-Conflict server
  2. Wait for loading of the environment to finish.
  3. Check for vanished items and building sections.

I’m 99% this is because of the support struts. Never use them for anything other than decoration, because their stability is deceptive. The repair hammer may tell you that they have 100% stability, but when the server restarts, they may suddenly have 0%. Only build with regular walls and foundations for now.

Alright cool thanks.
Explains one aspect at least.
Now just need to know why chests on foundation blocks disappear, and fish traps from rivers.