Buildings and chests disappeared

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The part of the base in the jungle disappeared where we had not been for 2 days. Few palisades and several chests with all the contents. Chests on the foundations. It was not a raid - we have a private server, on which we play with my brother. This is not a purge - a purge meter 25%. Chests were filled with T3 materials for our future castle. I’m unbearably upset.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

There is no correlation between devs and forms they don’t respond to our request and they don’t fix bugs please share this message to raise awareness

you could be the victim of unnecessary documentation

Yes, I know that the developers are not interested in our opinion. I wrote this post in the hope that somebody from the players would do their own research and maybe know how to avoid such a bug. For example, my brother and I tested the AI battle thralls and found out that for the normal work of AI better avoid command FOLLOW.

Same thing just happened to me on my private server.

Parts of our building disappeared with chests & beds.

We can’t see them anymore neither we can build on those missing parts (looks like they are style there but not visible).