Event log & demolishing/looting decayed placeable

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On my current server, someone has a decayed structure.
My question is, if I ONLY demolish the door and the placeable chests/stations and steal whatever drops, will it show up in the enemies event log that I’ve done that or is it only if I demolish the entire structure that it shows up?

I’ve already had a look through the forums and have seen this was answered quite a while back but I just want some re-confirmation just in case it’s changed over the last several updates. (they had previously said that it wouldn’t show up in the event log if I demolished the doors/placeables but I’m still curious about picking up the loot bags)


Yes, you can steal from your friends without them ever knowing it was you! =P

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A true friend would loot and put everything in separate chests.
I actually had this happen two times to me.
My friend on my original server still has a separate building with all of my stuff in it, in case I come back. (That was two years ago. )
Then another friend on my current server, looted my decayed base and built a small house next to my base and put everything in it including ice box items. He had stopped playing but I guess he still logged in once and awhile near my base.
He never said anything to me, just let his house decay and I got all of my stuff back.
These were people I met in this game and we became friends over time.


Nice! That’s something I have done in the past and would usually do if they were actually friends but for this situation they are a very well established clan that have MOSTLY left us alone but did raid/destroy our early sandstone bases while we were still getting established, we’re not quite there yet and these guys would probably destroy us if they found out we took anything of theirs haha

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