Does a player know who I am if I loot his decayed base

Can they see my player name in the event log.Thanks

If you demolish the base, I believe so.

In the logs yes. Stop stealing your friends decayed loot lol :slight_smile:

If the pieces lose stability then your name is not in the event log. Otherwise, yes. If it didn’t do it that way, then there would be your name logged for every log line of splash damage.

So if the base is in decay,I destroy a chest and loot the bag will my name show in his event log.Im kinda retarted so yes or no.Thanks for your help.

no , it will only show if you destroy the structure ( so anything that is part of the building ) but not if you destroy the placeables ( annimal pen , chests , doors , wheel of pain , altars , workbenches , weapons stands , ect … )



I have looted decayed bases in an official pve server, even breaking down doors to gain access. And once somebody that I believe was part of a clan who left a base to decay, invited me to a party chat. I juuust kind of pretended to never see the invite. “No…that wasn’t me. It was…Rath Amon who swiped all your stuff.”

It’s not your fault they left it to decay.


Thats my motto!

If its decayed and left just to get deleted by the system you only gotta be mad at yourself not the person looting.

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in general I would agree except when the decay timers take out someone’s base 2 days after they logged on and had the 168 hours to decay message. Then it isnt really their fault. And this has been going on for over a year. Then we threw the funcom services disaster on top of that decay bug with no allowances…and I cant say decaying bases are sufficiently in the player’s ability to control anymore.

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Well @bigjohn, this is a very interesting question that I suspect is not unique to you. As your posting does seem to ooze a small hint of terror and panic (like knowing you walked through a spider web, but cannot find the dratted arachnid and are sure it’s either on your back or somewhere in your hair) - here are some possible guidelines you could look at. Hope they help :slight_smile:

Step One: Find a really good hiding spot (this is important);
Step Two: Grab everything that cannot be nailed down like a hamster hording for winter;
Step Three: Stagger like mad to you new, cunningly hidden, loot-base;
Step Four: Stash everything, light a big fire, and toast your new ill-gotten loot.

And now, the most important step, that depends on who has been the recipient of your happy festive season pilfering.

Option Five (a): If the victim is someone that abandoned their base and is not likely to come back, well, keep an eye over your shoulder and jump at only really loud sounds;

Option Five (b): If the victim is a friend that has wandered off and is disloyally playing other games then your redistribution of their wealth is justified and Crom has rewarded you;

Option Five ©: If the victim is your spouse/partner/parent/child then things are marginally more interesting. Just remember that they likely know where you sleep - and it would be enormously tragic to spend, what is left of this rubbish year, sleeping with one eye open - worried that the last sight you are likely to see is the victim of your pilferage rearranging your pillow.

Good luck and Crom-speed! :grin:

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Step 4 will work.Thanks


I came back from holiday travel today, the 28th and logged in and half my base was gone, looted as it decayed.
My last log in was the 21st, right before I left. I assumed the extended holiday decay rate was 14 days. I can rebuild, and restock, but my biggest loss were all of my named armorers and Alchemists.



If I see a base in decay, I am popping it even if I have to slow walk across the map to make it home with the best of the loot.

If I let a base go into decay, I expect the same to happen.

Folks can object, but that is not my problem.

I was playing on an official server, I dropped a taming pen away from my base, because the *&^%% things are so large.

After I got a few greater pets, I left the others in the pen, I had been storing them in a preservation box.
Now because the pen wasn’t connected to my base it had a short decay time.

Yesterday someone had taken some of the regular animals I had left, while the pen was in decay, which is what I wanted to happen. My event log showed nothing.

This doesn’t prove anything and more testing is needed. But I thought I would share these preliminary findings.

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