Clan log and server log, who destroyed what?!

Hello Everyone,

I have a question, is there a way to make the server show who is stealing your stuff and who is blowing up your buildings?

atm the log just says “player has stolen a thing” and the server log does not show anything but a combat event has happened. In other words, it says Player and not the players name like i think it should :stuck_out_tongue:

It feels like it is hidden on purpose? if so is there a way to make it visible both for the clan logs and server logs?


There’s a server setting that lets you hide who’s doing what. On officials (so by default) you see the player and clan names.

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Shame its not hiden on officials, everybody have access to this debug log is like playing Conan big brother.

How do i enable this? We really need this, because it is not on by default on my server.

I have found this:

EventLogCauserPrivacy=0 - 0 is for all can see, 1 for admin, 2 for noone

I am going to try and see if this works :smiley:
Thanks for the help Marie!

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