Cant see who raid my base (name gone?) (Official PvP)

Why i cant see who looted something from my base? Its like his name dissapeared

Guys, please respond, this guy is stealing from every1 on the server, from closed bases.

If I remember correctly, there was a huge discussion last year regarding player name visibility, and a lot of opinions presented for and against. At least one argument was that solo players or small clans couldn’t realistically fight bigger clans if the clan was instantly informed of the culprit’s identity so they could retaliate.

Its not the problem, i like the fact that i cant see playerlist, but here, i cant see any player name that raids me, its just empty, because they are cheaters, look at the picture?

Could you please explain in English what I should see in that picture? Yes, I see that the player name isn’t visible.

Now, I’ve never tried, but would it be possible to make a character without a name, or a name with just a couple of spaces? Maybe the culprit’s name is " ".

Seems like this is a common issue.

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