Been away, is all PVP interaction now anon?

I was harassed off some official PVP servers and came back recently to pleasantly see you can no longer see the names of people online. Great! Now I can slowly play at my own leisure and build up at my own pace without being crushed when enemies see me online.

BUT Im wondering are all the PVP interactions now anon? Meaning stealing fish, pvp kills, base raiding. Are those now anon in the player logs as well?? That would be incredible.


No, event logs still show names. And i think you can trigger your name to show up if you engage in chat or do damage to another players base. Not 100%, as console do not have this. We still have brother eye watching for the Alphas :slight_smile:

You can also trigger your name to show up through proximity. It might vary per server, but if a player is nearby they will show up in the player list.

I’m in the same boat, a solo player on a server that only has 3 clans. They basically run around maintaining their lands, while I hide my bases in corners and come out to blow open outposts.

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