Names in event logs

Let the bloodbath begin as the large clans begin wiping out the small for every fish stolen and outpost raided. So much for solo/small clan raiding. The question the devs should be asking is what are the negative impacts of showing player/clan names in event logs. Sure the big clans want to see that info. It only serves one purpose, retribution… How the devs couldn’t see/care what this information was going to be used for belies belief…


did they announce something about this?

This is a sad day for the little guy. I fear this will be the end of playing on a pvp server for me unless it is changed back. I feel like Funcom is just listening to the crying masses on this one and not standing their ground on what was a great change and made pvp possible for solo/smaller clans vs the alphas.

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My 2 man clan expects to get wiped tonight by the 2 big clans on the server when raid times start and we’re both done after that.

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Yeah I also suspect once my server see what my duo has been up to we are gonna get hit hard by the alpha clans.

After the PS Free guys fall off, the servers will die again. 2-3 people on, checking event logs to call in clan mates on APEX or Fortnite so they can base wipe offline people.


This was dumb, they should have wiped logs. People can retoactively go back and check 21 days ago and see names now. Tons of people are getting wiped today and are quitting.

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Sure, but keep in mind I’m still playing Borderlands free thanks to being a Plus member since 2013. The numbers will ebb and flow. Personally, I’m looking for a great Private Server with 24/7 Companion Protection (24/7 Raid for now :slight_smile: ) and reasonable logging. I find this much logging immersion breaking.

On the other hand, I hear friends are getting a little payback on the formerly anonymous.

My experience so far with the F2P group no my private i run, is they have no idea what they are getting into. Already have had my admin group messaged, someone killed me, took starter pack. Uhh…it is PVP. so once they log in and see some the level 60’s on my server have blown in the noob river sheds, they will leave to either play pve/pve-c, or leave game.

I don;t mind them tbh, reminds me of how much i have learned :slight_smile:

and as for retribution, there in lies the problem. the bigger clans are now going to go around wiping and killing servers again. I have been on the fence about this up until i actually played thru the no names. And tbh, it made raiding way more strategic and fun, and we are a big clan. Even had a couple of our thrall huts broken into. We just started paying more attention when out, and actually on the last one, id’d the cuplrit. so now we were going to trace him down the old fashioined way, thru bounties and scouting when he was on to see his base location. Guess now, we will back track thru our log, and level everyone before they do us :confused:


Cool man, I like how you play. You go from Ronin when there’s a log to clan when there’s none and vice versa. That’s refreshing, makes me want to get back into officials on my Black Box.

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This whole thing gave me an idea.

Hide player games during the weekday and show on the weekends. Why not both?

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MRW all the bigger clans check there log and see that I have been robbing them blind.

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If your too lazy to get your own fish why should I let you have mine I’ll sell you some fish lol.


I play on official … in an alpha tribe(10+ with allies) … we just blew everyone up because nobody could be trusted … felt less guilty to be honest …Also play as a small tribe(3-4people)across busy official servers , plenty of places to hide even if my name does come up on the event log … if you can not raid without receiving the consequences… go play PVE …


No thanks. I’ll do what the other 99% has done and not play at all. Enjoy your dead game…


They should not have made that stupid pool, they should have had the balls and removed this debug feature from pvp servers.

And you are right servers will go dead again, people wont stand to be wiped dayly over stolen fish and some bombs.
Damn, the pvp servers have a window for raiding already, if someone outsmarts a clan and attacks it without being noticed, didnt they earned it? Here comes the debug feature in the pvp game to show who has done it. Would be better to make bases invulnerable unless the owner is online, to make that much easier on the zerg clans.


Standard response from someone who plays in large groups. Everyone that makes that statement assumes that every player wants to engage in honorable combat. Look at how honorable I am!!! I am a thief I hide in the shadows. I infiltrate your bases weak points and steal you precious hard earned possessions leaving you baffled as to what happened. HACKER, they all scream. There is more than one way to play this game and having names in the log ruins one of them.


Game is not dead at all ,I play daily and always have fun … it is what you make it … join a low populated server and you will think that …