Anonymous player raids and attacks

I am sure there are those out there who love this attacking other players without them knowing who they are. It’s great for the coward. I personally feel this will kill off the game. If you are brave enough to attack, then you should be brave enough for your name to show. How does one retaliate if you have no idea who the culprit is? Attack everyone? Well that doesn’t sound like you will have a game that sticks around for very long. If the goal was to let the little person raid, well great for them. They get away with it, and the person raided has no opportunity to get their stuff back because they don’t know who to go after. This was a terrible addition and needs to be fixed. It makes no sense other than to give the cowardly a way to stay cowardly.

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I just love how this is the go-to threat on every topic these days.

“I don’t like feature X, therefore the game is doomed do you really want that???”


It’s not just these days; I’ve seen this “you just ruined your game with this update” rhetoric for 15 years online - even with games that have been around, constantly or repeatedly doomed to fail, for those 15 years.

The fact is, every update that changes the existing balance will always upset a handful of people, make a handful of people happier, and the rest don’t really care - they simply adapt to the change and carry on as usual.

It’s a common fallacy that “because I think this way, everyone must think this way, or they’re wrong and stupid.”


You know what kills the game for a lot of players? Alpha clans policing servers and smaller clans simply being unable to participate in any form of raiding, otherwise they’d be completely wiped.

This change helps smaller clans in the long run. Yes, it is nice to know who raided you so you can retaliate, but then it turns into this whole “I’m going to wipe you off the server for breaking my wheel” drama sh**show. By making raids anonymous, you not only allow smaller clans to raid larger clans (anything that lowers the gap is good), but also eliminate any “naming and shaming,” which leads to people being completely wiped, resulting in them quitting.

You can still find out whose raiding you by being online during the time of the raid, and if it’s always during your offline, then that’s your fault for failing to be online. You should be glad this game has a limited raiding window unlike every other survival raiding game that has it open 24/7, especially when it’s only 6 hours long.

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And that does happen, but it’s not as bad as “oh, this 2 person clan stole some meat? They’re getting nuked.” Alpha clans terrorizing every small clan they see might find themselves outnumbered one day.

Really it’s just anything that helps smaller clans against alphas is a good thing in my book. There are situations where this could potentially make things worse, but in most situations, it’s better for them.

Have at it, as long as we don’t have you in here whining for server transfers or complaining about empty servers in a few weeks.

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:rofl: Yep, and this has been the thing since the very first patch/update all those years back: you do something I do not like and I will stop playing. For-Ev-Er!!!
‘Insta-grat’ syndrome. We have gotten so used to delusional thinking that if I like/dislike that the world cares.
Basically, Game Devs have to update their games - either to fix bugs or enhance for the general pool of players. If 37 out of a thousand do not like it, tuff.
People would judge me funny in the head if I did not like Microsoft (other software brands are available) making skype more touch-screen friendly because I like to only use xyz.
When FunCom do something dramatic that tips me out of the I :heart: Conan Exiles camp then I will play another game. Till then I shall enjoy it enormously.

Just move to a Private server or learn to raid or join the offending raider clan. Online bullies are all over servers, not just Conan. It is a human thing. It is not attractive, but it’s there. In all multiplayer survival games you even get intercontinental battles. Players from one country/city/town/sport team all attacking competitors.

Solution as follows: Be online during raid times and guard your stuff. If you get raided you’ll see character names when you try to stop them. This giving you a chance to look them up on the player list. If you have multiple bases or thrall wheels… try building them in different styles so you can determine what’s being hit
If you decide to be offline or have too many bases (thrall wheels included) … that’s your own fault for losing your stuff and not being able to keep track of what’s what. I’m a pvper and I learned to adapt… can you?

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That might be so, but you are looking at it from a single viewpoint. You’re only looking at the cons, not the pros. understand you might like to know who raided you, but what’s the reason you want to know? So you can get revenge. That’s LITERALLY the only reason people care to know. What other reason is there?

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but you realize showing names benefits larger clans MUCH more than smaller clans. Anything that benefits smaller clans more than larger clans is a pro in my book. Smaller clans cant even touch anything without a larger/alpha clan giving them the okay and if they do, they’re wiped within a day.

Another thing: the raid window is only 6 hours long, so you wouldn’t need to be on for 8 anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are alone or have a small clan then simply join someone else or invite people to your clan so you can challenge the alpha clan.

But if seems to me that some of you just want to stay solo or with a couple of people because you trust nobody enough to invite them to your clan or you don’t want to lose your stuff by joining someone else. But that’s on you not on the alpha clan.

This is a survival game and humans tend to survive better in groups. So it’s only logical that an alpha clan will dominate the server. This is simply how life works and if people are too afraid or too greedy to join someone then don’t blame the alpha clan for willing to sacrifice everything they have to become alpha.

And if you want to raid then just do so, there should be enough other clans of your size you can pick a fight with. If there are no other clans of your size then simply join a bigger server.

But if you are too afraid to even pick a fight with someone of your own size then sorry but you are a coward and maybe pvp is nothing for you.

Also you could think of guerilla warfare. Conan exiles map is big and there are a lot of places you can hide a small mini base in. And if you build them on enough places then the big clan will have a very hard time finding you. We had a couple of instances which proved to be very effective. They just kept building mini bases and lived minimal so we had to re scout the map often and they kept rebuilding very fast. Costed us a lot of time back then.

I think hiding names in the log is not the solution. I think we just miss a lot of clan management options. Like disabling the rights for some members to destroy something of a certain building (Building = everything that shares 1 decay timer). Giving door rights to people. LIke you can enter here but not there. Also I would like to see something in the direction of disowning a building so that someone else can reclaim it. Like the clan leader can disown a certain building and can appoint it to someone to inherit it. Of course it would be nice if this would have a 24 hour timer so that you can change your mind if you pressed it accidentally and didn’t meant it to happen. So I would rather see the developers motivate people to create bigger clans and start playing more often together.

Because I don’t know how about you but my best times I had in online games was when I played with others and not alone. I think that this is a key point that Conan Exiles misses compared to many other successful games.

But definitely not creating some cowardly system where people can play all alone and want to raid someone with no risks involved…

That would kind of prove his point though. If the new rules of this game force him to have a ‘nuke everything’ mentality because he cannot direct his revenge at the deserving party, then the resulting emptiness of servers is the result of the new rules, and the complaining is warranted.

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I strongly disagree. Nothing forces him to “nuke everything” any more than the fact someone once stole (the equivalent of) 1000$ from my wallet forces me to beat up everyone I meet until I find it.


If someone robs your house, kills your friend or places a bomb in your house you want revenge. In real life you have DNA, fingerprints, camera’s and witnesses to help you track them down.

In game it works a bit different but yet approximately the same. If someone steals from you or attacks an outpost or your main house then you want to get back at them. And if you are the alpha clan and you have the manpower and the materials to nuke the whole server then its much easier to just nuke everything and make it dead so that nobody can attack your home anymore.

Because don’t forget that alpha clans are big, often exist for a while and therefore have a ton of stuff and hours to lose. So its often much safer to just nuke everything and everyone then to play politics of who did it…

Also when you nuke everyone you never really find out who was the culpit because everyone can have the same thrall, the same weapon or pet. You have no idea who did it eventually so you will just keep nuking.

Also often this alpha clan you are trying to bash right now are often protecting the server from invaders. People who come in groups of 5 to 10 people to the server just to destroy it completely. So if you see multiple clans join the server and you see messages that stuff is being stolen or broken you just destroy all of them.

Sure. And by all means go ahead. Just don’t be surprised if this leads the rest of the server to conclude that spending their time with someone this volatile is not worth it.

At the end of the day I don’t really care what people on PvP do, but I do care that they accept the consequences of their actions - which includes being left alone to be alpha on an empty server - and don’t clamor for things like server transfers, which WOULD impact me if implemented.

Exactly, thats what I care about too. If people try to rob you or destroy your house they must face the consequences of their actions!

Do you even play on a pvp server??

Simply no. Time is a limited resource and if you think you can spend your limited resource much better at another place you will just do that. But if you already have invested a lot of time in something you will first try to fix it.

Also this is how it always have worked. Developers try something new, if their consumers liked it then they will keep it, if not they will revert it. Balancing is a work in progress and therefore if it effects you (like in this case because you only play on a pvp server) its better to let the developers hear your voice.

So your solution is to just make a full time job of standing still and watching and refreshing the log for all eternity just to be sure that if someone attacks you that you can “hopefully” respond fast enough to catch them? Even if they attack you, you still have to get to that spot and they might be gone by then. But never the less you will keep watching the log all raid time long, every single minute.

Because who doesn’t watches the log every single minute when they are playing a game? Who wants to do fun stuff when they can watch a log all day? :smiley:

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Already told you I don’t. What I do care about are harebrained suggestions that negatively impact the game coming from issues only cropping up because of certain PvP behavior - such as nuking the whole server because an unknown person stole a fish.

Right my base can be destroyed by 2 gods, you could do it with explosives but I doubt you have the time it would cost you a lot that way. I have several other little spots with raid materials in them in case. the purge can only attack my animal pen fishing hut and map room since they are ground lvl but my animals protect all that. And no treb because my towers dont allow to build anywhere close.