New Mode for player solo

PVP - Player Solo

for solo players. in this way there is always the possibility of being competitive. Clan page blocked and pure competition. It’s full of lone players, I don’t think it’s fair that a great clan can easily become an impossible enemy for a single player to destroy. Losing everything you do alone, due to an unbalanced mode, is not encouraging. Invest new servers for it.

What would stop multiple “solo” players from banding together against a single opponent? Gentlemen’s agreement?


Solo PvP sounds like “suicide.” :rofl:

It’s actually quite fun if you very simply understand you will not be top dog on the server. There just isn’t a way that will work in your favor. But definitely a good beta or neutral helpful party that everyone on the server respects and just lets be. Also stealth builds are practically a must in hostile servers.

Yep that is a thing…but it’s far better than the clan method. I’m really not a big fan of the clan method and think we all should just have allies and enemies as selections. Your allies don’t make your thralls go hostile and you can select containers to unlock for allies while enemies automatically generate hostility in thralls anytime with the default as neutral which is similar to officials now (hostile only at raid times)

It’s inelegant, but it serves necessary purpose: it’s a bucket for lazy players. It forces allies to Clan Up, thus identifying themselves as a pack to the server.

To me, the fun has always been to be good at Clan play, yet zap onto a server as a solo and slowly wrest power away from Alpha. The best part is when you can ally with a silent partner who’s just as fierce and ruthless as you are.

15 vs 1

I don’t like playing like that, I want a Pvp only mode. Everyone is alone, someone will make alliances. But one man alone will never create a base that 15 players can make together. With this the raid will be possible most of the time. So fighting remains a viable alternative for everyone.

TBH this actually remains to be seen. Since we’ve had a dramatic recalibration in expectations with regard to sizable landclaim, I expect PvP is going to be managed differently going forward. IOW there may be no inherent advantage to the Clan setup, as they may be as restricted (in building mass) as the Solo. Personally, I like taking on multiple enemies, so I’m a little weird.

Can you imagine an allied server fighting you? the best player will have the hardest base to raid and you will have a chance to destroy the bases. And you won’t have an impossible-to-destroy base in front of you. Impossible things for a single player, I see them in classic pvp.

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