Official solo pvp servers

Because i’m getting wrecked

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If you’re solo, what difference does pvp make?
It’s Player versus Player.


that’s every pvp server, if you’re brave enough. :slight_smile:


Yea, but it would be nice to be able to compete on even ground, I can’t outgrind a clan.

that is correct, you have to out think a clan.

Couple solo servers wouldn’t hurt is all i’m saying, i’d like to have a proper base for once

With the new thrall limit you may get your wish, however people will still form alliances.

I also see what you mean about a proper base, But every time I try to build one of those showy pve style bases I start thinking of how easy it is to raid, and I can’t bring myself to finish it.

So really it’s be careful what you wish for.

If you want pvp with other players, to build in the open and the ability to raid.
you might want to look at private servers, there are good ones.
you just have to look and give some the benefit of the doubt.

and be prepared to move servers if you chose poorly.

Yea, im on ps4, eu. Not alot of (good) private servers. Only decent ones have x10 everything, I like official rates to be honest. There’s 1 dead solo server…

100 thrall limit? Never got close… Besides they’re bugged out most of the time anyway.

They make the game more grindy aswell (gear lvls weapons) benefitting again most big clans. Before the update I could Engage a fight vs a group, I didn’t win this fight most of the time. But I could fight, now it’s about Who farmed the best stuff and whose thrall buggs the least.
Dodging 1 shots is not fighting

This game is just so unforgiving for solo players. I can’t Hide because of landclaim notifications, just walk around with a Block.

I can’t raid cause of the event log showing my name.

I can’t go the cost / profit route of making a base when im by myself and most small clans outfarm me.

It’s not even about a big pve base, pvp base design doesn’t matter when all my enemie has to do is outfarm me. Everything you need to build to get to the endgame is huge. I can’t keep up I can never finish my build on time making it too easy to raid me.

Im not asking for clans to be made smaller, the removal of the event log and landclaim notifications or this pokemon meta to be nerfed, I just want a few additional solo servers.

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That is why on officials i am an advocate for keeping your Armor you are wearing and Hot wheel (weapons and consumables only) on death. Maybe have all those items take a 50% durability hit if you die with them on and/or on your hot wheel, so if you keep dying you eventually will have to repair the weapons/armor. For a solo, at least if you get bested you can try and return to the fight and prolong it, and not be totally out-farmed. For the raiding clan, scooping a kit is not really anything but more dump chest materials.

I disagree, dieing should matter.
But this topic isn’t about that.

Solo servers for solo players to compete on even ground please.

Ok, so a PvP server where clan size is limited to 1, or there are simply no clans at all.

First off, you will have alliances and they will still create a similar gang up for the pure solo player. But, you could give this a try by starting up your own GPortal server and limit clan size to 1. See how it goes. See if any other players would join up.

Private servers exist just so we can do things differently than the standard old Funcom vanilla way.

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Alliances happen now aswell so that doesn’t really matter. Still less enemies to deal with and they’d have friendly fire to deal with.
Make it small clan stuff 2 man max or something, would already be way better then the current 10.

Private servers…I dunno, I think most people around here would rather play officials.
Don’t see alot of active ones compared to officials, not many in english though.
I’d rather play official myself.

I’m not sure why your post was flagged. I just read it and there is nothing bad in there. In fact, it is all great advice.


i agree. I quoted to unflag :wink:


I’m not asking for advice, im suggesting solo servers

“join a clan” wow thanks! Haven’t thought about that!

I thought you were joking when I first read the header, that’s why I was joking at first.

maybe changing the header to clanless pvp servers or no clan pvp servers might make it clearer.


I agree, I’m disabled. I’m still ambulatory just moving is difficult.

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But would limiting clan membership to one accomplish what is intended? One-person clans could still gang up on a single player. The only drawback would be that their followers would fight each other and other players indiscriminately, which would be of some help to the solo player who can still bring a thrall.

well thanks, some people don’t want to be helped apparently

You have the best idea I have seen in 2020.

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