Pvp is unplayable for single player

they managed to break with arrows in a base, with yog protection… I give up, funcom

You need a new strategy. It’s all about stealth and hidey holes when you solo PVP.


We no longer have protection bubbles and with the damage that bombs cause, building a base is not worth the effort. hiding is the best strategy the way things are now

Itz not worth building a legit base period. Since FC refuses to ■■■ floating skybases, undermesh bases, outside greenwall bases its just not worth playing legit. I refuse to play like that so i just wont play. Cheaters will report youre legit base and you get dev wiped and banned but when you report their cheating bases nothing gets done. Now were getting another PvE focused update with useless taverns and pve siege crap no one asked for. More useless bloat to the game before they actually fix massive problems that have been around for years.

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PVP is unplayable as a solo regardless because of their is no disadvantage to dying and there the only thing that matters is number of players and time they have open to play during raid times.

Solo PVPers are just vultures that feed off offline clans. This isn’t an insult but just the reality of the situation.

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As an avid pvp player I find this offensive. Yes there is a massive skill gap, and yes the established pvp clans have the numbers…but only a few of the larger clans are any good, and alot of the times, they are at war with eachother. Pick a side and welcome to the battlefield :rofl:

Ive beaten 10 mans with a set of broken bottles, and a golden bikini, with a back pack full of bombs.

This post is a skill issue nothing more, nothing less

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Yeah I can club baby seals too. Doesn’t make it entertaining in the least. Can you say that you can beat a 10 person crew of equal skill? No? So PVP success is based on personal popularity (as people will eventually get better at the game and that gap shrinks to where you can no longer demolish that 10 person clan) and availability of being online during raid time. If those 10 competent people are online, you are SOL at getting anything over them and therefore stuck either offlining your true threats and feeding off baby seals.

I stand by the statement solo’s are vultures because its the only thing they can be.

If your base is found, you can’t defend against a competent clan unless you got an alpha spot with repair hammers and it only takes 30 minutes of you not being online to negate all the work you do as a solo. The game design enforces this. Even hidden bases have issues thanks to foundation sweeping. There are some spots that are still available that the majority of folks don’t know about and are off the beat and path but content providers are filling those gaps in each month and all it would take is 2 people with nothing better to do but walk around the entire map with construction hammers for a day.

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The 10 was La Purga, also known as the 300, it was in noway clubbing baby seals :joy:

But you can assume such. The skill gap is much larger than you think. Even the top pvp clans will reach out to the old legends now aand then to deal with a clan they cant get out of the gutter or the aquaduct.

Hell last night I destroyed a trio and a 5 man both running sky bases, who were picking on small clans that werent even established.

Just because you cant, doesnt mean it cant be done. And half of the content creators dont know any good builds, only metas that are easy to aquire in there eyes.

:brazil: pvp

“As flechas explosivas são as melhores para RAID em qualquer servidor, combine elas com flechas de gás então terá uma bola de fogo linda de se ver”

A ideia de @Taijibum é muito boa e recomendo ou pode jogar em servidor “player X player Conflito” você poderá ter sua base e sair para qualquer por que ela sempre vai continuar lá, você também poderá lutar em um servidor de conflito mas não podem explodir sua base… Eu chamo o servidor conflito de lar doce lar :star_struck:

:brazil: bug Report-Received @Community

Um dejavu… Se acalme, conan foi criado para nossa diversão :slightly_smiling_face:

Nesse caso, é sempre bom gravar no mínimo 5 minutos antes de enviar um reporte que queira mostrar ao entrar em contato com o suporte ZENDESK, isso irá facilitar o processo de investigação. Recomendo que leia novamente as regras e também olhe sobre as regras de construções abaixo
:relieved: lembrando que servidor “oficial” é público

Uma dica sobre reporte é que devem ser feitos de forma legítima podendo ter consequências em caso de reporte falso por isso que é sempre bom gravar. Ao gravar mostre o nome do servidor apertando “ESC” e também o nome de seu personagem apertando “TAB”
Bom jogo! :+1:

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:brazil: pvp

Sim isso é uma realidade :+1: também apoio essa ideia! todos que querem jogar em servidor PVP devem se dedicar não apenas na hora de RAID mas praticamente 24 horas. Por isso que amo jogar em servidor PVEC “JxJC” :relieved:

Solo is fun when you don’t care about been raided and know how to not put all your eggs in one basket…. What’s with all the”you need to be hidden to play solo” comments, smh…defending is the best part of this game, if you lose some loot it isn’t that hard to get back , build smart, know your enemies and don’t start with the wrong people……

A bit contradictory. By not putting all your eggs in one back, i can only assume you mean hide loot scattered. You are saying hiding is not needed if you hide you loot around???

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I said build smart…not every ten man clan will wipe a solo if said solo is not hiding and offline raiding any chance they get…

Plenty of private servers out there that will meet everyone’s needs here. Feel free to DM me if you’d like to know which ones might suit your needs.

Some servers have active admins that will instaban cheaters.

Some servers allow pvp but no building damage and keeping loot on death.

Just depends on your needs. The servers are out there and you coming to play helps the pop.

True and there was a time I defended that the majority of alphas left solos alone to just play the game. Hell many of the servers protected these folks. But that was a long time ago and the dynamics have changed. Now if you are lucky to get to level 60 without being wrecked and heaven help you when you introduce t3 building mats. No, honor left the collective player base years ago on officials.

Pvp is a young person’s game when life’s responsibilities don’t extend past your work. I lost track of how many bases I lost due to a kid’s volleyball game or a simple night out with the wife. I still remember one time where I ran to get food. Off the server for only 20 minutes and I was in the desert when I came back on.


How you chose and for how long you play will again change the experience from player to player … I’m not saying anyway is wrong or right, I’m giving my opinion/experience that I think pvp is playable for both solos and clans of any size…

Could I sit here and moan about everything they change or don’t change
Yes and I certainly have in the past

There’s so few PVP players left on Officials that this becomes so apparent.

The ones who are left often are longstanding clans with 1 or 2 players refreshing their meta castle and any inkling of new blood exhibits major seek and destroy behaviours.

So if you dare come onto a server with that mentality you have to play the innocent and slow game; don’t level up too fast, don’t use a suspicious looking Funcom ID, don’t build too fast, etc.,…

I don’t necessarily jump on a server and intend to wipe it, I’m looking for an experience and sometimes that’s not even raiding anyone. But I don’t play PVP not to PVP.

And completely wiping any newcomers isn’t really what I think is intended either.

If you’re lucky to go on a moderately populated server it’s usually everyone is friends and complain of server hoppers so no better than the first scenario.

Then populated it’s a lot more diverse, there’s too much happening to focus on wiping solos off the hop but you give up the quieter servers for more cheaters in your midst, server crashing, performance issues, etc.,…

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I don’t feel like building. Since an attack from a single God would be enough to destroy (I know they don’t cause much damage but 10 minutes is enough for a large clan to raid in less than 15 minutes) why did ■■■■■■ eliminate the protection bubble? If you intend to eliminate religions, the Gods should also be prohibited. If what you want are medieval assaults, it is not the smartest way. Now people build in the sky using the bug