Hey FUNCOM, about 1man clan size

Hey Funcom, are there any plans on having atleast 1 official server for solo players? I hate getting rekt by 10player clans. And I dont like playing in clans. There must be more people like me? Cmon, atleast ONE server, please!

This could add more politics to the game as well as you could co operate with others but with the added risk of backstabbing etc. The 10 man clan style right now whjere u share everything like Communists and then zerg down the smaller number clans is really not fun imo.


I dont play on official servers, but I do like this idea. I would love to see some “No clan” servers.

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I like it, however I have concerns that clans will still join the servers and zerg. so I dont think you can prevent it in a meaningfull way.

Yes you are right big clans can still join but how fun is it for them when they cant share resources or buildings and they can have backstabbers, they would rage quit?

Im not against people working together either, not at all in fact. I just think that with the 1man clan max it would add a layer of realism, which is imo more fun. Because it opens up more politics, negotiations, trade etc.

Like it is now where everything is shared within the clan and you have mega clans the server doesnt feel alive because the only talk they do outside their clan is taunting(mostly) because they have their 9 clan members in their back, and mindless zergs where the big bully picks on the little guy.

The only counter is to join a clan, there is no negotiations or allies, just join the collective and be one of the BORG. I want to be a HERO not a worker ant.

Well, to be fair, you could make a private server like that, you can limit clan size, but on an official server we just have to hope the Devs make a few of them

Haha, had the same idea but avoided posting because I didn’t want the idea to get lost between all the ‘really’ pressing stuff :D.

Only difference was that I wanted players to give one another corruption when in close proximity to make it harder to gang up against other people. I know, they’ll still do it and there are a number of other ways to detect cooperation which can be left as fine tuning for later. Still, I’d be very happy with this and a proximity corruption penalty(non stacking) of course :slight_smile:.

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That’s pretty much the challenge to “solo” running on official PVP servers, contending with big tribes and using gorilla tactics to disrupt their everyday routines.

A solo server would still have people “teaming up” and working together to throw the balance of the server off.

As a suggestion try to explore and find hidden locations that would be the path least traveled, build small, and have multiple locations to throw large clans off from were your main operations are at. Once you’re all set up with the small resource outpost, use that as a means to build a bigger base that will draw the attention away from where you are really at.

Soloing isn’t great and efficient in games like this, and joining/creating a clan is the best option.

Yep you are right. Im all for teaming up etc. I just dont like the current clan system. I think special rules like clan ownership of buildings and resources etc should be for games like World of Warcraft, not survival games. I think in games like this if u wanna team up do it by all means but if your friend accidently hits you he should hit for 100%, and no shared buildings or resources. That is my biggest turn off when it comes to team play in this game.

Some people like the hive mind mentality that the clan system in this game offers and some prefer to play solo instead, I know there are alot of people like me. All im asking for is atleast one server for that, currently all official servers have 10 man clans.