PC: [EU] Solo PvP Survival - Vanilla Server Rules


[EU] Solo PvP Survival #1 -

Good Evening!

I’ve started this server for the players who want a solo PvP environment. This gives us the chance to enjoy the game on a level playing field without the worry of large groups or Alpha clans.

All standard PvP gameplay, mechanics, friendship, backstabbing and drama are all welcome and encouraged but, of course, on a solo scale.

The server’s settings are not enhanced and only modified slightly, effectively mimicking official PvP servers but without the group aspect.

The only modifications are:
Clan Size 1
Shorter raid time on weekdays and longer on weekends.


Solo game play is paramount and clan size has been reduced to 1 to make it harder for those who try and break the primary rule. Whilst this is not completely fool proof it will deter players from deliberate group game play.

Anyone reported and caught working as a team will be banned for 30 days.

Solo game play is defined by surviving, crafting, harvesting, attacking and raiding other players as an individual – Not as a group!


It’s completely fine or make friends and enjoy the PVE content together.

I hope you can find the time to give a fresh, solo orientated server a chance. I completely appreciate that population will be low to start but if you’re considering playing, just make a character and start surviving.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Its working or not ?

Good Idea, I am testing.

  • Can you please enable sandstorm and purge?
  • And PVP until 24h00 instead of 23h00.
  • Max clan size is 30, not 1. To correct.
  • Any discord channel?
  • Enable pet thralls hunger system.

I speak french too.

Thanks :slight_smile: