[PC] [PVP] Solo/ Small clan server looking for love in a harsh world

You a dreamy eyed barbarian. Us the shy server in corner of the slave camp etc…

We are looking for some more small clans and solo players to join our server. We have dedicated players but would like to run into other people a little more often. The rules of the server are simple.

  1. No super clans
  2. Don’t be a dick!

Seriously that is it. Don’t do things like raid new clans or solo players over and over again until they quit. Don’t spam foundations. Don’t be c*nts when trash talking. Things like that. Other than that raiding is fine. If it wasn’t we would have created a PVE server. Clan wars can be fun. Trash talking is fine. All that is cool as long as the sides are fairly equal. We are not looking to use our admin powers to be demigods, we just want to provide a little bit of balance. Also we are open to community suggestions. What to have slave auctions, we can do that! You want to build and arena and have ranked combat. Build it and we will come!

Server Info:

The Wheel of Minor Discomfort


1/2 Stamina Ratio

4 Person Clan limit

Raid times: Weekdays 8:30pm-11:30pm EST Weekends 6pm-12am EST

We are open to tweaking other server settings as well. We want an active community.

https:// discord.gg/ kT5mw98

There is a #General Channel and we will create your clan a channel if so requested.