[EU] Barbarian Clan Wars - PVE/PVP - Small Tribes (weekend raiding, 2xharvest)

Hello everyone,

I would like to invite you to our new (29.1.2020) PVE/PVP server named [EU] Barbarian Clan Wars - PVE/PVP - Small Tribes for PC.


DISCORD: discord.gg/NrbTAx7

Admin Team

Our admin team consists of three in-game active adults. We take pride in not abusing our powers. We also prioritize welcoming and friendly place for everyone including us.Because we want to enjoy the game, we play same as everyone else at our server. We don’t help ourselves.

Our focus

Our aim is to create a friendly community for permanently sustainable game experience. The server is designed for single players or small groups, who would prefer peacefull game. We decided to limit clans to 6 members because of this.

We are not fans of rocket starts so it shows in the setting of the server. Some things, like the mining of resources, are slightly raised, so the players could focus more on building and less on grinding. Some other attributes, like hunger and dehydration, are little lower. The aim of our setting is to support fun mechanics of the game. On the other hand, we want to limit the annoying ones. At the same time we don’t want to make the game easier. The goal is to let the players enjoy the full game experience. We welcome all players PVE and PVP alike. There are some limits to PVP at our server. Killing each other is without limits, but destroying buildings is restrested to a few hours per weekend. We consider the option to attack enemy’s base as essential. But we think that the protection of players before annihilation i salso important. There is enough space for the attacks and also time to recover after them.


If you have any questions, contact us in the game, or preferably at our server Discord. Communication is our priority. If it’s in our powers, we will always like to accommodate you. discord.gg/NrbTAx7

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We are still waiting for more players. We have some now from dying server Knights of Fury and I want to say thank you to admins of that server for possibility to advertise on their discord. But we still need more. 42 slots is a lot. New server, for pve and casual pvp players. Weekend riding, vanilla progress, slightly better harvest. Good friendly players and active mature admins that are open to suggestions of players.

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Come join us on this server , Fresh server , only 6 days old ! come enjoy the game or raid your neighbor !!


Having a nice time on this server so far :slight_smile:

We are sill looking for relaxed players who like both pve and pvp.

There is still plenty of space for building and we have aroun 10 players in day peak.

PVP is unlimited and raidin is limited for weekend.

Server is regularly adjusted by players suggestions and every voice matter.

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We are still groving. Now we have around 12-14 players in day peak. Waiting for you guys to fill that 42 slots and give us your opinion about server. We are listening to player suggestions.