PS4 - SoloExiled PvP EU(UK)


Inviting players to a brand new server started 09.01.19.

Designed for people playing either solo or in a duo who want to avoid large Alpha clans. Max clan size currently set to 2, though will consider raising to 3 if demand calls for. Alliances between clans forged in game are by no means against rules.

  • 24 slotted server (increase as needed)

  • 3x XP, 1.5x Harvest, 1.5x Thrall Conversion, Double decay timer

  • Restrict Building Damage between 4pm - 12am Weekday, 10am - 12am Weekend

Ive elected for slower than Official harvest rates as it gives more weight to a players progress. Raiding should have to be planned with weighted consideration. PvP is the name and survival is the game. That being said it is a game and abuse will not be tolerated. If you loose your stuff then you should have hid it better!

Discord will be set up in due time for trading etc.

Any questions please leave in the comments or message PSN MonkeysOnMyTeam