Newly opened PS4 PVE Server EU based - friendly :)

Recently opened new pve PS4 server called Sams server, we have a few clans already but would love to increase population!

Very helpful players mainly from the EU and US who are happy to help and trade.

We also have a small discord group to keep in contact with each other, to request any trades, clan recruitment and server setting change requests (if the majority agree the change will be made).

We have set up map rooms at nearly everyone obelisk, and happy to fast travel you to each if you would like :slight_smile:

Server settings currently are as follows;

  • Items in inventory are kept on death.

  • Only owner can loot player corpses.

  • Harvest multiplier = 7.0

  • Experience multiplier = 3.0

  • Thrall conversion multiplier = 1.0

  • Item conversion multiplier = 0.5

  • Idle thirst multiplier = 0.5

  • Active thirst multiplier = 0.6

  • Idle hunger multiplier = 0.5

  • Active hunger multiplier = 0.6

  • Durability multiplier = 0.5

  • Stamina cost multiplier = 0.1

  • Item spoil rate = 0.5

  • No global chat, only local and guild.

Please message me if you would like any more information :)!

PSN: samanthar_

I’ll be testing a few different servers today so I’ll give this one a go! - Getting a bit bored with solo but we’ll see.