[PS4]New player? Like to play with others? 20+? PvE? Server with just the buffs you wanted

Got a buffed PvE-server med for enjoying and mastering the game. Examples: 25% longer between thirst, 1,5 XP bonus, 40% bonus health etc.

Ask me in game:

KjellTRingen1337 - Open server but don’t want to much attention.

Hello! Wondering I you have resource gathering modified and how many slots available roughly?


We have some adjustments and that’s only one of them. It was 1,500 (50% extra) but a couple of players wanted 4x there so i just boosted up to 2,200 and it looks like a good solution…

Examples of other changes:

-Don’t loose inventory on kill
-No sandstorm

  • 2x xp boost on crafting
  • 25% longer between drinking

And other small but significant changes to better the experience.

Every player on the server can and are encouraged to give their oppinion and I’ll do my best making it as good as possible.

20 slots (20 on at the same time) and ! have no ambition ATM to raise it.

That all sounds great! Hate the grind on official way too much time to build. Server looks like one of the better Ps4 options, I’ll join up today.

Thanks to all who joined so far. More open for you and your friends. Msg me. 20+