Getting wiped by bigger clans with no idea left

Getting wiped by bigger clans with no idea left how to protect a base of operation.

with how raiding economy currently is worrking the only way to maybe defend would be all of us to be online in pvp spec and ready to fight, but this is not viable.

20+ t3 door bases are gone within minutes all other good spots where it would be viable to stack 30+ t3 gates are taken or foundation spammed on several servers.

Some “alphas” operate not only one clan but more clans on several servers. This 0.1% of players are able to controll official servers.

In the past (EA etc.) we were able to hide, protect or mitigate this but those days are gone.
I’m not willing to play on non-offical servers due to admin abuse etc. nor PVE because PVE is good looking but there is no challenge and no thrill.

To be honest feels bad and no I don’t have a good ad hoc suggstion for solving this without taking something away from someone. Maybe another type of pvp server with a small “hideout” funtionallity like in escape tarkov.

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What kind of PvP would you like? Losing your bases to superior numbers isn’t your thing, but would you think this was a problem if you were the one doing the raiding? Would you champion for better defensive measures if you were on the winning team?

If raiding bases isn’t your thing, how about PvE-C? You get to fight other players within a limited timeframe, but no base raiding?

Or have you considered a private server with yourself as admin? Then you wouldn’t need to worry about anyone else abusing their admin powers. (Not all server admins are monsters, really. Most of them want to provide an enjoyable gaming environment for their friends.) You could set your own rules of engagement and have fun with others with a similar mindset to PvP combat.

I can kind of see your problem, but “bigger clans can beat smaller clans” doesn’t sound like something the game developers can, or should, fix.

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thank you so much for commenting, to answer your question, no I’m not a person who enjoys raiding I feel bad when doing it most of the time, only if it is consensual. And no this is not contradicting doing pvp including raiding is different to beeing able to wipe everyting the other player has, I mean everyything! this is the problem. not getting raided. I take no joy by deleting other peoples base or make them suffer, beating them in combat is different, defending myself and not getting pushed over easy is my goal in CE. I want a fair chance in surviving in a survival game and with the current alpha raid meta it is not possible IMHO

No I don’t want to be a server admin and becomming a monster feeling tempted to use my power.

So like @Kapoteeni said, play PvE-C then… That has PvP fights in the “PvP” time-window, but no building dmg.

I get it, but I don’t mind getting raided it’s fun most of the time :slight_smile: and the thrill of getting raided is important to me and to the game I guess. Again the issue is getting 100% wiped by the same 0.01% of the player base. I dont think I’m alone with this in the current state of the game.

this time around you not only lose your crafter thralls but fighter and pets and horses etc. it’s too easy to raid wipe and gods are not even avaiabe, com on this cant be right?


God protection bubbles are available or? But not so good anymore…

Its happened to me many times on many servers. I have gone from Alpha to the desert. I now work out of a mini base and I am much happier.

Think outside the box and enjoy.

I hear you, this would mean (to an extent) no horses no thrall fighters no pets leaving most of the new content behind. and still getting raided over and over again. I could deal with it, the rest of the team not so much. for the other commenting to play on a pve server, its not about that its about the absolute power of 1000 jars stacked on every offical server I would assume.

we wanted a fresh start on the server we spend one week building the base getting everything endgame and a back up base. and the attack started no aggession no stealing no blocking. Maybe they where scared by people reaching lvl 60 the same day and having everthing else so early.

The solution is simple. Change server if u can’t handle the one u r playing rn.

@2heavy I understand what you are saying. I too think the game needs a true raiding siege game play mechani. the 1% of the time this happens right now are the most fun raids, even if i am on the losing end. The economy needs to be fixed where it is costly to wipe an entire base in 1 raid window. Wiping should be over a time period, not just 2 to 3 hours.

I think the fix lies in a few things.
1st is change durability on PVP to about 25% of current for weapons and armor. forcing more repairing and usage of materials.

2nd is you do not drop the armor you are wearing and weapons in tool bar. This would allow you to continue fighting if you get killed in the melee part. The reason raiding is so easy now is even if i fight the 1v4 mismatches, if i die, i have to get back to a chest, re gear up, then go back out. And if they get to my chests i have nothing left to fight, so most just log off and leave. By having #1 intact, it would also mean that they would need to carry repair mats or regear every so often as well. And i would only have my gear until it eventually borke. But at least i can try and melee and fight back during the raid.

3rd Economy…economy is set up so that there is a tipping point to where nothing has value once you harvest enouhg. For most big clans, it is usually within the first 2 days, then they are basically going to out resource you to the point of why play the game.

all the replies are what do you expect from PVP? Well if i play basketball, i don’t expect to lose my jersey, the ball, and not be able to even walk in to the gym if i lose 1 game (and that game was played while i wasn’t even there). With CE, that is the feeling most get, and thus they just go play games that are competitive, but not game ending if you lose.


Well at least you are being raided by legit clans…

I was on the other night and these people appeared on our server that I hadnt seen before, they were level 60 and messing around my base. They had bogus names like (heart . ). It is a modest t3 base, I mostly play solo.

They started demanding I give up my loot. (again, I am mostly playing solo with not much of anything of value).

Then a low level character appeared and started talking to them and feeding them bombs… They had a steam name of “123” and a private account. Not sure how they had access to bomb making material at such a low level.

Then they said, “Watch this”. And killed my sleeping clan mate through the floor and took his gear.

After they blew a hole through my base, I was killed but could not see who was attacking me. It was like they were invisible… Lo and behold, it was the low level character.

So now I am very much debating joining a private server. I dont mind losing my base. But not when its to glitching ■■■■■■■■ who raid for the fun of it. Not a legit clan trying to clear out the competition.

Cheers and good luck.

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to be honest I like this idea because it would stopp all this lame naked 0 gear play, often I defend and after getting killed 2 times I’m out of armor and/or weapon/buff food. I started prepping but it was not enough sometimes you need to spec for anti poison sometimes for ani bow etc. plus having chests full of antidots and wraps and healing and buff food, it is simply too much stuff you have to carry if you would keep it,… but then what is there for the winner in pvp to gain from your dead corps… and the attackers would have the same benefits. However in general I love the idea of keeping the gear and items in toolbarr, would make the game more playable.

your last comment made my day, thank you so much! :slight_smile: “I do not expect to lose my jersey” this is exactly what I was trying to say :kissing_heart:

This thread is one of the biggest reasons why I stay away from PVP. Getting your whole base completely wiped away over and over again? Yeah, no thanks :wink:

If removing the 5th enc perk fixes that and Funcom did it in a way that would allow me to keep farming and building like I do now, then I would have no problem with that.

However, I’m still not entirely convinced that foundation-wipe raids cannot be balanced some other way. Regardless of not having PVP experience, I find myself agreeing with @WhatMightHaveBeen – if you want to completely wipe a base, that should be serious siege warfare. If you just want to breach the walls, kill your opponents and steal their stuff, that’s different from wiping them out completely.

And it’s not like foundation-wipes should be impossible. I’m simply saying that it sounds like things need to be balanced better than this.

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I agree with this; it’s a good and valid point. Other in-game mechanics, like Bearer thralls or perhaps special load-carrying beasts, can/could allow for carrying larger quantities while farming or building. Having a perk that gives unlimited weight encumbrance to players though, makes defending against raids unbalanced.

If the unlimited encumbrance perk was removed, my bet is that it would NOT affect other gameplay (like PVE, RP, or whatever) in such a negative way that the game would become unplayable, but would drastically change the dynamic of PVP raiding.

I am among the multiple-wipes wiped. They don’t usually remove erthing unless it’s Trespass, in which case, “you shoulda known better in the first place” is what they say. Even under cases of extreme enmity. Bombs are costly, your booty is probably not.

The worst case in a full-on materials and “Please gtfo server, Barnesie” raid is when they saucily park a vault perhaps 10 meters outside your former grand landclaim. In the days before the acceptance/knowledge of full-on full-ENC run, it was just moar vaults, with one of them supporting a Map, now guarded by ten of the thralls you used to have in your own vault.

“Unplayable” would certainly be an exaggeration. In my opinion, “unplayable” is when I have so much lag I can’t even move properly or when I get disconnected randomly every 3-7 minutes.

But if the encumbrance perk was removed right now without any other changes, that would make PVE too painful to keep enjoying this game. Just like I fully recognize and agree that my love of building shouldn’t be the reason PVP players can’t enjoy the game, I expect the same sentiment in return :wink:

I’ve already said this on several other threads, but the 5th enc perk is crucial to being able to farm and build properly. I don’t want to derail this thread with that discussion, so I won’t get into more details here. If there’s interest in discussing the 5th enc perk yet again, we could create a thread dedicated to it, rehash the past discussions in it and see if we can move forward from there.


A stack of 100 dragonpowder weighs 5 (lbs? kilos?) weights. A full stack of 500 tar weighs 50 weights. Granted the jars are heavy (100 weights for a full stack of 100) but an artesian table is not, and since they only need stone to craft you can set up a couple in a fob and farm enough stone quickly to crank out jars. That means that for 65ish weights you can carry 200 bombs, which is enough to get into most T3 bases.

I totally agree with @Barnes, if you remove the ability to carry all the loot away you’re just going to see raid vaults dotting the landscape, making a few more trips necessary but only slightly extending the time needed to carry away all the loot. If you’ve been completely raided you wont have bombs to crack them, so your stuff is more secure in the enemy’s hands than on a player that can be killed as he tries to make it out of there with the loot.

And that’s another thing, during a raid if you can spot the guy in encumbrance armor you have a target, take him out and you’ll likely stop the raid. Forcing people into using storage complicates things because you basically have to run a mini-reverse-raid on their fob in order to deprive them of the bombs and such that they need to continue.

I play PvP exclusively, and I would say about 85% of the time I run around in a full encumbrance build. Farming, moving things around the base, picking up thralls from the wheel buildings, whatever the activity I know I can’t carry jack on a strength or accuracy build so unless I’m am raiding (and not the encumbrance guy) or doing a dungeon or something, it’s just more convenient to be able to carry stuff.

I’d almost be willing to bet that the ones that argue for getting rid of the 5th perk are the ones in their tribe that do the least work, and just think that the resource boxes in base magically fill themselves.

It’s getting both comical and frustrating to see this 5th enc perk discussion spread over different threads, because we keep missing each other’s comments and ideas and I frequently see stuff that makes me go “wait, didn’t I already mention something related” and it turns out I did, but in another thread :rofl:

At any rate, I have a few things to do in real life right now, but I’ll come back later, make a thread about the damn perk and invite all of you guys to come shoot at me and each other in it :smiley:

Ooooooh, them’s fighting words! I wonder what @CromAndBiscuits would say to that :laughing:

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I call ‘em like I see ‘em. :japanese_ogre: