Getting wiped by bigger clans with no idea left

Actually for me, it is the contrary. In my clan, the first thing we look for is farming and grunt workers. The fighting can be taught, effort can’t. With that said, one reason i have slowly stopped playing is i literally got bored of the ease at which i could mass farm… Especially with oils on a black blood pick.

If you have time to craft jugs for TNT, then it is more likely that you are off lining the base. The minute i see a low HP crafting table i would take it out. And if you went into a live raid without pre-made jugs (not tnt jars, but the empty jugs) then you would be SoL.

And you also say get into base. Unfortunately ,most servers-if not all, don’t just get into bases, they wipe to avoid retribution.

Possibly for others, but not even close to being true for me. I take a horse, or other fighter thrall depending on what I’m going after, for lots of my farming while I maintain vitality & strength attributes.

Everyone has their own style though - I just personally would like to see how raiding would play out, if the unlimited encumbrance perk didn’t exist.

This is a really good point. I hate seeing spammed foundations & vaults all over a server, and does make me reconsider having no unlimited encumbrance perk.

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So not true for you then?

So it is true for you then. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Going out on a strength build with a horse farming, so you’re bringing back like 13k a trip? Yeah. Just, yeah.

I mean, I guess I see your point, but most of the stuff I’m farming with oil on a black blood pick is like brimstone or starmetal, neither of which actually requires an encumbrance build, due to the low amount you get per run even with those tools. If you’re out farming stone or iron with it, then you’ve got too many fragments of power.

But really that is only changing the amount you can get, which doesn’t necessarily mean that a change to the encumbrance perk is going to make things any better for you.

I mean, if you want farming to take longer you can just run out, hit 1 rock, run back to base and put it in a box, repeat.

ON PVP, i am not afforded “punishing” my self with restrictions. The other clans would just own us if we didn’t use every cheesy method out there to keep up.

and yes, my clan and i have a lot of fragments form thrall leveling. To the point of forgetting where we put them sometimes.

And actually one run thru brimstone lake gives me about 9000 brimstone–18x500–over 500 lbs, which requires 5th enc perk even without the other stuff i gather in there.

Wow, lots of salt!

I have had many bases wiped on many servers. Learn to build right, and dont put all your eggs in one basket.

I now have multiple, hidden production locals and a big base i use to enjoy building and for purge attacks. If it gets blown into they get nada. If they hit a small production hide. Oh well.

Last attack cost the attackers well over 500 bombs. And they got two lv3 workers and some tar out of it.

I have enjoyed the game so much more by doing this.

As promised, I made a thread for the encumbrance perk debate:

Anyone wanna head over and discuss it over there?

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How in the %#~* do you get 9k brimstone from the lakes?? I usually end right at 7k with oil on a black blood pick, that’s quite a difference!

Not so much hyperbole as speculation, but somewhat for comedic effect I guess. I’ve had clan members that went out “farming” on strength builds before, they thought they were pitching in their fair share but in reality were the ones who did the least work in the clan.

I remember one guy who told a clan mate that had just logged on and asked what we were up to that he was “farming up a trebuchet”, to which I had to respond that going to resource boxes full of stuff that other people had farmed and using them to build a trebuchet did not constitute “farming”.

Just saying, is all.

not sure if you addressing this to me, we stacked 20 doors + 3gates, and had a hidden backup base far away high up. all gone within first half of one raid window my point is how easy and fast your defence is crumbeling. T2 is absolut useless an t3 buildings with normal building strategy (lets say 2 doors = one foundation) completly useless too. cracked open every raid window.

you say “small production” followed by “they used 500 bombs” so maybe you share your secrets how one is building a small production outpost 500 jars strong? you are flexing without lifting your shirt. I call BS.

I dont have any production in my build base. Just a bed and some nice deco. Very little items are kept there.

Production hides are kept quiet until i need to make some supplies. Then thralls and mats are put away.

Pain in the ■■■ at times, but i have been safe for over 4 months now by doing this.

Oh, and i body vault any mass supplies.

Boo, hiss. :unamused:

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Sorry, i meant the lakes and sinners refuge…7200 is what i normally get off the lake only.


Aaaaand mystery solved…

I prefer the term “mule” to “body vault”. No need for new gamer terms when old fashioned smuggling already gave us the expression…

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