Event Log Privacy #MakeConanNonlinearAgain

As I am typing this, I have logged 837 hours in Conan Exiles. I did not get the opportunity to vote and was blindsided by the event log update. I am loyal to this survival game so I hope that earns me the opportunity to have my voice heard.

I was there rubber-banding with the rest on day 1 of beta. I was celebrating when Funcom dropped their original server host. I survived, I built, I dominated. I got wiped, rebuilt and dominated again. I’ve done it all. I’ve never minded the bugs, the disconnects. In my eyes they add character to this amazing game.

But one thing has always detracted from the wonder, mystique and immersion. It contributed to my nearly year long hiatus from Conan. Once I returned a month ago, it helped hook me back in.

Event log privacy. More-so the dynamic it adds when enabled and subtracts when disabled.

Coming back from my break as a solo player, I found that I could steal fish when no one was looking. I could raid weak structures when its inhabitants were “out hunting.” I could be a sneaky vulture coming up behind major raids and take leftovers.

As part of a clan, I could take things even further. I now had the resources to play my enemies against each other to buy time after a major defeat. I could keep my enemies off balance and my allies in check. Using anonymity I could play political games that added intrigue, brought about peace or conflict.

I also got caught red handed many times. I’ve been sold out by curious solo players checking out explosions. Spotted and chased down by my enemies and their allies, sometimes they saw my face, sometimes I escaped!

I can no longer do any of this. Having no event log privacy means Conan is LINEAR. X attacked us, we attack them. We attack Y, they attack us.

Full stop.

But lets look at this another way.

The first step to playing Conan is to survive. Find water, find food, etc… Part of that survival is the outcome of the confrontation between two players that meet randomly in the world. At first, you can’t see their name. You don’t know who you’re dealing with. There is a sense of panic and excitement. Who am I dealing with, a blood-crazed maniac or a level-headed adventurer?

It’s great right? That’s why we game! To have these experiences! To feel and overcome this sense of fear!

Having event log privacy is the macro version of this intrigue, this immersion in a brutal world. You can’t see their name, you’re getting attacked from all sides and you don’t know who it is! There’s no time, they’re coming in. You go into repair mode, you place thralls, where’s my f**king repair hammer??? Who are these savages??? I have to know, they’re going to pay! There’s only one way to find out gulp it’s time to go out and check… drumroll… the event log.

How anti-climatic and immersion shattering. Is this a game of survival or a game of menus?

Funcom, you’ve made a truly fantastic game. I come from an FPS background and Conan is the ONLY survival game I can play. I’ve tried them all. Let me assure you, you have the best one.

You’re known for not giving players an easy ride, thus you’ve earned my respect. Conan is challenging and harsh and that adds to its greatness. However, by removing event log privacy, you’ve allowed a small group of people on the forums to quickly make a decision that should have been administrative.

Sometimes it’s not okay to give the players what they want. You already know this. It’s why we don’t have farming and mason thralls. It’s why we have to build from scratch rather than purchase blueprints. It’s why we have to run everywhere on foot. I could go on and on!

The immersion of the unknown and the unrelenting harshness of our world keeps us invested. Keeps us playing and holds new players interests.

I beseech you, undo this change. Bring back the dynamics we have lost. Make Conan nonlinear again.

Thank you,



Throw this in the suggestion tab. Funcom said they are looking for more ways to get the people involved because not everyone uses the forum. A poll on the main menu is brilliant! That means one vote per MAC address and everyone is happy. Well unless ur out voted lol


Then mabey the harsh exiled lands arent for you?


I completely agree with this as a player with just over 1000 hours. The problem with the poll (and it was great they actually DID poll people) - was - the poll went up before we’d really had a chance to play with anon logging.

I myself voted to SHOW names because i’ve always thought it better as it reduces thievery, but having experienced it off - i prefer it off. It meant my bases were being raided more often, but smaller raids- smash n grabs that were sneakier, like the OP described. This was annoying but could be dealt with.

BUT - what it’s severely limited again is me being able to act. I’m in a small clan but mostly solo at the moment with limited availability and can NOT reliably defend my assets if i raid. When it was anon - as the OP said i could be sneaky/clever and do smaller, less damaging raids. Hit smaller targets etc.

IMO turning on names unbalances the playing field. Turning them off makes it fairer for the solos and smaller clans. It doesnt affect the alphas and large clans one way or the other, other than limiting their knowledge of who stole their fish. It badly needs to be returned to anon.


A Twitter poll is fine, I’m on console and feel that this would be the best way to get a broad range of votes.

Well said!

I see no point in having an event log with anonymity. With anonymity it seems larger clans are Keen to just wipe everyone off the server, instead of focusing on the actual people raiding them.

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Yet without it, smaller clans have no chance at all to hit back at them. One of the best ways of dealing with alpha clans is raiding their smaller resource bases around the map. Farm bases, wheelhouses etc. It hurts them when it keeps happening. Cant do that with names in the log without repercussion.


With the addition of the event log, having names pop up makes sense. You can pinpoint hostile clans on the server rather than going “scorched Earth” and wiping everyone.


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Well if they’re going all “scorched earth,” then they’re intentionally killing their server. If enough people get sick of their sh** and team up, they can stand a chance.

Issue with names is a small clan attacks, gets retaliated on and wiped to existence. Thats it. No one has their back since no one else is being threatened. They can’t even do small time raids without getting obliterated. If alphas want to make enemies with everyone, then they’re risking taking on more than they can handle, or they’re risking destroying their “beloved” server (which, btw, they can already do without a log if they’re naturally aggressive; anonymity won’t change that). If they’re able to wipe out the server, what’s stopping them from doing so right now? If they are able to, but want to keep the server alive, then they won’t do that.


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It’s not casual play to have names in the event log, there is always risk when raiding and the risk is eliminated when you can raid without consequences.

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You say “without consequences,” but you can still find out whose raiding you by, you know, catching them in the act… if they raid while you’re offline, then that’s on you.

I’m not saying that having anonymity has no drawbacks or downsides. It does, but the pros outweigh the cons. I’m not a fan of alphas policing servers, which is exactly what happens when anonymity gets removed.

Also, the reason I say “casual” is because the majority of people who want names are those who have been raided while offline (their fault) and expect to see a name for easy revenge.


amen … thats exactly what me and some others who played since the first day of EA always said about the event log.

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Enough, already.

Own your damage. If you are going to steal, be man/woman enough to admit that you are the one doing the stealing. Consider it a “badge of clever” for outsmarting your opponent’s buildings.

If you are going to bomb, and damage structures, own that damage. Be man/woman enough to say “I did it.”

If your intention is to carry out these acts, in cowardice, with no risk of retribution, then don’t carry them out in the first place. Really - I am amazing that this is such a heartsink and deal breaker for so many.

Wear that damage like a badge. On your face. With a T3 shrine beacon. Grow a pair, and fess up and say “I DID IT.”


I see all this talk about “With no names Alphas will just wipe the server”. I voted for names originally as well, then i played it. And well, there was no Alpha’s gone Wild from what i have seen, or even heard. Servers, even before the PS+ free stuff, were starting to repopulate. And raiding became fun. Even not knowing the owners of the base added something fun. We contacted allies, and popped doors and a few chests. Sometimes didn’t even kill the unconscious players. Id’d them then left with goods.

But now, we are on the war path because these jumpy clans that hit us during that time can identify some of our bases if found. so now we are on a destroy before they find our base locations strategy. No names allowed us to play siege gameplay without it getting too personal. Now, people see a name, and they will take revenge or decide the clan is getting too big and may cause a problem so they get wiped. That is the natrue of PVPers unfortunately.

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Enough already.

Don’t play other games and log in and have the game care bear your bases via an event log. Log on and id who hit you. Spend actual time playing the game. not just refreshing and event log inventory checking. Talk to the other players in your community (server). Get to know the people that like to play the game with out getting personal. Maybe get some good spies to trade info with. Immerse yourself in the game a little. Don’t just click buttons after reading a naughty list.

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This is what we call “preaching to the choir.” :smiley: @Cauthey is simply advocating for personal responsibility, now that the rule has been changed. As in, this is how it is, how about we all get back to playing the game? Much like your attitude in the previous post.

I am also wanting personal responsibility. You build you keep an eye on it. Not have the game do it for you.
I think i just take offense when someone throws the word cowardice out because some people just want to play 2-3 hours and be sneaky and have fun. I think cowardice can also be defined by stockpilin on dead servers, being in a large level 60 clan and wiping people because of Sana’s naughty list that is provided with no effort or thinking involved, or actual care for the ecosystem of servers (no players means no game for alot of others).


Hadn’t considered the impact of the word. You know, I wouldn’t call Conan cowardly for sneaking around and stealing stuffs, but he’d be crafty enough to blame it on someone else. :sam jackson: Under the current paradigm, you make an interesting point.

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Just imagining Thulsa Doom checking the event logs to see Conan raiding the temple of set. IMO event logs shouldn’t have names and should be on a 24 hour delay. They should be for troubleshooting issues with your buildings/thralls, not a replacement for building defensively and protecting your things in game.