Is this a bug or...?

Official server 1125.
When I open the Player list it shows like 1-2 names (including my own) proper, the rest have a " - " instead of their character name, clan name and lvl. And under the Steam ID there is “Username hidden”

Please tell me this is not a new feature… because it kinda makes Player list pointless.

It was announced some times ago.
Also you can see the full player list from “servers” section in steam or from battlemetric website, so the hide feature is completely useless to a knowledgeable player.

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I can fully understand the option to hide Steam ID. But what’s the point to hide character names?
Besides, it was not like this yesterday after the patch already landed.

Hey @Kilix, we’ve moved your topic to the appropriate section, where we make note of this feature in the latest patch notes:

Why would you even consider doing that? I can’t see anything good about this idea. There are people I’m allied with on my server who are not a part of my clan and not on a friend list on some other program/site. If I would want to meet with them and do something, do I need to ask in global “(Name) are you online?” Every half an hour or what? Doesn’t sound fun at all.

If I want to make a report for a player who uses bags and fraud, cheatingI will not be able to find him in the list and show his steam account… Bravo funcom, everything for people…

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@q9c9p Nope, battlemetric also shows all active players as “-”
@Hugo I hope you realise what this “feature” is going to do to PvP servers. Here is what going to happen - I get raided. I check by the log who did it, but I’ll never find them. Because raiders will simply change the name of the clan.

Boom - you killed PvP servers.

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In rust you can never know who raided you, yet it is a very successful game, with much less ingame exploit, but that’s a totally different can of worms.

If this “Rubberbanding Glitch”, that occured following the latest update, could be fixed, it would GREATLY be appreciated! Too many people are leaving the game over this. Please, please, please, look into this. The game cannot be enjoyed, if a player can’t move!

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