Logs show who destroyed a decayed structure/object?

I plan on an official server, and was curious if it was possible to see who destroyed a placed object or structure in the logs. I am not able to see it, but I assume it is there somewhere?

Hey there , if you tick the box “construction/building” and tweak the distance parameter before pressing submit , the log will show you an entry if someone destroyed your structure , but it won’t show an entry for anything else regarding placeables and workbenches ect… ( to be noted doors are not a building piece but a placeable ) .

In short if someone looted your decayed base but left the base intact you wont be able to see who did it , but if they destroy the base after looting it , then log will show who destroyed the base ( but it can also be misleading - if someone loots your base and leaves and then another one comes sees it empty and destroy the base , type of case scenario rare but not impossible )

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I’ll be honest, I pop any base in Decay state. I don’t need the materials, but, normally, they are an eyesore near my base.

I feel zero regret.

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Same, I will take down a base in decay state in a heartbeat…why?..because I can. Deal with it.

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Yep. Don’t want your base to get looted and popped? Don’t let it decay.

what wrong? he did not ask if you loot ha asked if you can ser who loot!

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