Official online - part of base went missing

so after few hundred hours on SP, I hopped on an online server (1006), created base (two towers, connected) and after a 1-day off, I logged back and parts of the base were missing. Like holes blewn into the walls by siege machinery. But its a PVE server.
Log says “destroyed”, but I can’t figure out how and why.
When I checked the base with construction hammer, a lot of pieces were damaged, some about 20%, others almost about 80%.
Decay was fine (everywhere 240d)
Anyone could clarify this to me? I’d like to know what I did wrong.
Edit: I can’t upload a screenshot, but the log says about destroying different parts (benches, stations…)
“…was destroyed by . (975)”
The number varies, there is 993, 969, 975, 1000.

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Where are you building? Any neighbors? You might’ve been hit by someone’s purge.


welcome to the age of pve-raid by purge. People recently discovered they can abuse the purge system to raid bases on pve. Its was not accidental it was intented, they set a coffer next to your base and start a purge, then push a demolisher to your base and let him do his job, them they loot what they can and kill thralls with a wide sort of exploits disponible. Move your base to the middle of the water or high. Far from the ground because they can use ice bridge to move the demolisher up on low heights. Unfortunatelly it became a fever on many servers. As cheaters/exploiters are migrating to pve due to a lack of people to molest in pvp

Ah, thank you both. Its actually one of the things that I was considering, but I was hoping more in my own fault.
Sadly, I built the base near Mounds (so its quite on sight)
The only strange thing is that whoever did this literally stole nothing. I have all my star metal and legendary gear, all chest. The only loss was my Dalisnia and tannery with about 20k hides.
Thanks again, I’m gonna start moving :slight_smile:


I suspect meteorites. I built on the edge of the snow by the mounds and about every couple of months I get hit. The number varies. Last week my build was damaged by “675”.
Are you near or in the snow areas?

Edit: I believe the location of my build is Stargazer’s Crest, so technically not too close to snow but definitely in the path of Meteorites. I’m not logged in right now but it’s just up from the berserker spawn and very close to the common Dalinsia spawn.

it could be a thirdy part purge that hit your base peoeple place coffers overlaping with your claim and call a purge so meteors can hit your base, look the event logs to see if there are any demolisher involved, it could be a purge exploiter on your server, or various of them.

Sorry for your loss OP. Good to know about the ice bridge and meteor showers, i already like building on water anyhow but i guess i’ll have to give myself a wide berth with a courtyard and thick walls regardless.

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