Trebuchet disapeard

Game mode: [Online official server
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Had a trebuchet on a hill above my cottage by Teliths lake… now it’s gone…
Did someone dupe them too?

May have been decay. have you been checking it regularly?

it was two days old, but no… it was only used to mess with the bear on teliths island, but that got old pretty quick :wink:

Happened to us as well.
I was wondering why, then I checked the decay timer on the new one. Instead of those 144 hours on the base it says 90 hours. I guess it wont go up, causing it to disappear even if we regulary walk by?
Because I think it decayed after those 4 days.

But why? Shouldnt we be able to use them as part of our bases? Like having it ready in case someone attacks?

Sorry for necro. :slight_smile: