Trebuchets Disappearing

DISCLAIMER! My last post was flagged as inappropriate by a bunch of sensitive community members, because i was venting my frustration over the fact id just raided someone, took all their loot, died on my way back to base and my body had disappeared, losing all the goodies i acquired. (i reserve the right to be annoyed over something like this, wouldnt you agree?) So please if you’re sensitive, look away or go to another thread please because im just going to say it how it is.

Back to the topic. While raiding, my trebuchet literally just disappeared 5 minutes after placing on the ground (not on any structures). I am now forced to run all the way back to my base to rebuild it. This isnt what i had in mind, and this game always finds a way to screw its players and ruin the fun. Good one. I wonder if it will happen again? Spending money on a game, youd think wed deserve better after a while. FIX

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Learn about the rules of decay. A small structure containing less than 6 pieces decays far faster than a normal structure. This was added to prevent structure spam to claim land/resources.

As for losing your body, it happens. The game is not perfect and if you die in a bad spot (falling down a cliff, swimming, etc) your body can be lost easily. Additionally, if you were raiding active people, they could have followed you, raided your corpse then harvested it, which would make your corpse disappear.

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It takes just over an hour for a trebuchet to decay when placed on its own. And the disappearing body isnt the issue here. this is about a trebuchet. the whole trebuchet disappeared after around 5minutes of use, and i kept repairing it to prevent it from breaking after use. so it is a bug

Hi, how far away is your target? it sounds like your definitely taking splash damage if you have to keep repairing it, the only other way it can take splash damage is if your standing on the arm to catapult yourself :thinking:the only reason i suggest this is my son likes to catapult himself, and i find myself making another treb in about 5 to 7 minutes

Trebuchets need to be repaired with a repair hammer after every four or five shots or they break. That said trebuchet decay is majorly bugged. I had three trebuchets placed on top of my T3 base and they all disappeared within a week. The first disappeared after two days of being placed, one after two more days, and the third after a week. They were all built around the same time, and firmly placed on the black ice ceiling tiles. I was there at the base every day, so I clearly noticed them disappearing one by one… Fyi, this is on the PC version of the game, on an official PvP server.

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