Vanishing trebuchet (re-occuring issue)

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU server #3004


I really don’t know why but trebuchet keeps decaying in my base randomly. I’ve placed it on massive floor made from sandstone foundations. Regardless if I use it and fix it with a repair hammer afterwards or not use it at all, it still just disappears after random ammount of time.
Any advice ?
Kind Regards.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a trebuchet on a massive surface consisting of foundation blocks.
  2. Use it and repair it/ not using it at all
  3. Trebuchet is gone after random ammount of time.

Trebs do not adhere to the normal decay. I believe they last like 1 day or someothing. this is not a bug from what i understand, but a mechanic similiar to the token. When trebs are built, the decay “forces” you to utilize within a certain time.

Wish dragon powder and TNT worked the same tbh.

I am gonna make one today and report back

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@Shaw @WhatMightHaveBeen I put one on foundations one on ground both have around 120 hours. Noticed that they didn’t need repairs after shooting several times like they did along time ago.

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Hello @Shaw, thank you for getting in touch!

There’s a known issue with the trebuchet not having the same decay timer as the foundations below, which is being looked into by the developers.

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they still break if you don’t repair. And I wonder if the treb in question was fully repaired or partially damaged because that can affect stability yes?

Probably so. will try to remember to check them tomorrow.

I have actually build trebuchet about three times in the same area, inside my base. Two first times I always make sure it was repaired after using. Third time I’ve just build it for testing this bug and I haven’t fired it a single time.

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sounds pretty buggy then