Reduce trebuchet crafting time?


Can you please reduce trebuchet crafting time? 1 hour is too much.

We need to be able to craft it faster to defend our base when someone is raiding us with another treb!

I think 15 minutes max in total will be good.



What’s preventing you from crafting them in advance?

Server restarts tend to poof them.

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Not while in storage, do they?

No, you need to place Siege Foundation + Trebuchet Base

To craft Trebuchet Frame + Trebuchet Arm (30 minutes X 2 …)


Yes I find the crafting time a bit excessive. Yet @erjoh said something really correct. Log in some time before the raid timers and scout your area, it takes the same amount of time for both sides to create a trebuchet, so if you witness suspicious builds or placed items around your base, you will have the time to prepare your self for this attack, isn’t it?
I do not know however why trebuchets however need so excessive time to be builded, I find it a bit weard too.

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The crafting time is the weakness that counters the destructive power it provides. It has the same effective delay as a god token. It gives time for defenders to notice and plan accordingly.

The raiding clan has significant advantages over the defenders across the board. Lets not make it more so else we will all just be nomading around because there will be no point in building structures.

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However back to the OP issue. Instead of messing with the treb timer. Balistas are needed. Give them the same range as a treb but without the explosive aspects to them…just tremendous damage in one foundational location( like 50,000). Put it as a 2X2X4 structure (steel reenforcements, insulated wood, and harden steel, with a 3 minute build time and 20 sec ammo build, wood and iron ingot).

I need help though in focusing this as a defensive tool. How do you get it to counter trebs but not make it a raiders dream weapon…I thought about 4 hour build time so that you have to place it as a defense weapon built into the castle design but that would fail Selene’s request. Need ideas on how to ensure it stay a defensive weapon.


Dang, I always build defensive trebs and test them out. The devil is knowing where to place them! (And that they decay at a lower level than the building to which they are attached. EX: 168 hours for Tower, 90 hours for treb built onto it.)

On more than one occasion, treb construction time has saved my bacon. It also provided me a 1v3 with them on horsies and me on foot. TBH I rather like the time it takes to set up a treb.

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I’m an idiot, I forgot that they’re crafted on the treb itself… :person_facepalming:t6:

Different take: make it a weapon that is relative quick to build but highly effective at countering enemy siege weaponry, but does less building damage compared to a trebuchet.

Trebs are easy to take care of epesically they cant be box in anymore. Just build a tall pillar climb on it and dhoot explosive and poision arrows.

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I guess stacking is going away, so that feature is temporary.

Well, look at it from a solo player. Somewhere I read it takes 3 peeps to work a treb. I’ve done it with one, myself, and got it working in one hour. Aiming and leveraging is hard when that one can’t defend the treb.

I really wish i was more like ESO, Easy Place, (small build time) and small abit to pick up.

But can be destroyed by burning, (up close) and attacking them.

Once Funcom made crafting times …just awful… It kinda defeated point of them. Like “HEY WERE OVER HERE!!!” We are Seiging you! XD

If they worked abit like ESO, you could make them place able on landclaim spots, since they can be easly removed by your enemies. Bahhh. with so many oddites that make me hate pvp in eso, I loved Seige Gear. XD

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Oh Lord if this happens my server is doomed. My son would have a field day…

Mhmm no

Treb goes through bubble. Bubble is 30min craft time. Treb should be 30mins or longer

Ready 17h57 … 3 minutes left :slight_smile:

5 players at raid time.

:thinking: :thinking:

Base is also really bad. Raid with arrows would’ve been more convenient.

No, there is 2 walls with anti climb (1 + 2), then the center with many anti climb (3) after the main base 2 foundations thickness with ant climb (4).

20 minutes in the base :slight_smile:

They have spam t1 foundations lines everywhere around the base, so they deserve to be raided.


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the base is still bad because its not using drawbridges lol

I dream of a day where a wooden rickety drawbridge has less hit points than a 6ft solid wall.