Traps! I want pain!

This game lacks a variety of traps. Honestly, a couple of mines is not something that scares me in an enemy house.
I would like to build a labyrinth and fill it with traps, and at the end put a reward. I would like to explore the labyrinths of the players myself. I would like to feel the danger during the robbery. I would like to drag mobs to traps. There are many options.
Spikes when stepping on the stove. Single-charged wall crossbows. Plates that break under your feet. Wall Vise. Fake gas doors. I came up with this for 3 minutes of reflection. I think the smart heads of developers will do much more.

P.S. Sorry for mistakes. Google translator is to blame for everything :slight_smile:


Yes, please! This one would do much. Building a spiked pit, or minefield, or nothing but a free-fall underneath it would then be up to the creativity of the owner.

You can already do something a little like it by using T1 floors in places where area damage from bombs would destroy the floors but not the doors/walls, but it’s limited and too easy to spot (plus the Purge won’t use bombs, they just have melee weapons of ûber building destruction).


Yeah, I would love to be able to add these things. Spike damage causing bleed, poisonous gas, flooding chambers… that would make for some great player created dungeon experiences.


Oh man, player generated dungeons sounds almost as good as more beard styles!! Im on board 100%. Talk about reasons to explore diff servers!! Its so cool going and checking out different land marks and builds, but to be able to go conquer through different dungeons/mazes on different servers? Thats an awesome idea.


This is great, add it to the game ! Do it!

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I just played a video that is 2 years old. They had spikes in the black keep.

Yeah I saw an old video of that, they had spike traps. The war maker has some good traps. I love the floor traps that send you into the air! They took some of these things out of some dungeons for some reason.

I would love to have the warmakers traps. Springboard foundation, spiked traps, plus some new easy to create ones.

Supported. I want to lure some enemy NPCs to a grizzly death, then scoff at their misfortunes. :smiling_imp: :metal:

Oh and there is something else too…


i would really love to build some traps with breackable ceilings/floors

What about those traps in the warmakers dungeon? They are already coded in, allow us to place them

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Funny you post this, as one of my biggest gripes with The Last Jedi was the unceremonious kill off of Admiral Ackbar (Also proved Rian Johnson did not understand the Star Wars Universe). Esepcially…SPOILER ALERT…since the big hyper space trap the rebels used to destroy the First Order ship(s) chasing them. HE should have been the one to execute it, and right before the hyper jump, they cut to the First Order captain who says…you guessed it,“IT’s A Trap!!!” …sigh, only if i was in the writers room at the time :confused:


So much this. The spikes, the spring boards…And they can damage yourself (full damage, not friendly fire). This would cull the spamming of them in your own base, ie exploiting in PVP.

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I had noticed from past posts that you were a fellow Star Wars fan. :clap: :clap: :smiley: While I am luke-warm with the Disney films thus far, I firmly dislike the Last Jedi.

He didnt, and by his own admission at that. To me it was the worst film I have seem since Kevin Costners Waterworld. I could put a wall of text up here listing its problems and inconsistencies/inaccuacies in the context of the story arc. He literally knocked down and rewrote over 30 years worth of lore layed out by George Lucas himself. I further found his portrayals of some of the established characters to be blatantly disrespectful.

I could not possibly agree with you more or in stronger terms. It was an inglorious end to such a memorable character. My understanding is that it was due in part to the actor who played Admiral Ackbar passing away. HOWEVER, I feel that they should have at least edited in dialogue from previous movies, or at worst even hired a new actor.

I agree with you wholeheartedly and unequivocally; that glory should have belonged to Ackbar.

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It doesn’t help that the most obvious trap system (a set of foundations with a gap in the middle) and spikes in the gap, fails utterly for npcs as Funcom designed that ridiculous mechanism where npcs can’t walk off ledges.

I always say this when asked about EP 8
AS a movie, it was not horrible, about a 7
AS a star wars MOVIE bout a 5
AS an dEpisode in Star Wards main thread, a 3


They have removed every option to make traps, Before we had carpets, no floor on elevators.
I agree we need a variety of traps, also more aggressive bleed but a way to heal it better.

You dont think you will bleed with an arrow in your chest?

We need smarter bosses, I forgot what game but suddenly the boss self healed, we all where like nooooo. I think the warmaker is close, maybe a tad more dmg too after he grows.

It was enough to cause me to skip seeing Solo and and The Rise of Skywalker at cimemas entirely. Although like Rogue One, I thought Solo was descent.

Its ironic, I had previously never bothered to read any of the Expanded Universe (EU) books prior to The Last Jedi. However, I have now begun to do so in the search for a more befitting end to the saga. Im not sure if you are a reader or have read them yourself, or for that matter what the rest of the EU material is like. However, I have since found the Thrawn trilogy to be a far more deserving conclusion to the story than Disneys efforts.

I have not read many of the old EU. I have friends who have.
To me, Abrahams had a better grasp on the world of Star Wars. RoS one short coming is it felt like JJ was squishing 2 movies in one to course correct for the first 2/3rds of the movie. On top of that, they (Disney) made him widdle it down as well to get more showtimes per day. No spoilers, but if you have seen it, then you might understand how if he was able to do more exposition over 2 movies on Kylos path to the 3rd act, and Reys struggles that are alluded to, but never shown, the story would have been so much better. I still like what JJ did, i just had to fill in gaps for where he had to cut out story elements…sadly that is also how i feel about BvS. Snyder was shoe horned by execs into introducing a JL, and could not concentrate on the arc of Clark/Lex/Bruce as much, pretty much killing his idea of peeling the onion on Superman and closing out a tirlogy on that character only.

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